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Wok Rock Line Pot for Chinese and Japanese Cooking Made in Italy

Foxchef Essentials
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Wok Rock Line Pot for Chinese and Japanese Cooking Made in Italy

  • Thickness of 3,2 mm;
  • Diameter of 28 cm;
  • Food grade aluminum and bakelite handle;
  • Black exterior and internal marbled finish.

The wok is a typical pan of Chinese cuisine. It is used for many recipes and for any cooking: from frying to steaming. The material allows to maintain the heat for a long time, while the characteristic flared shape allows you to fry in immersion, even using very little oil.

In fact, the thickness on the bottom is minimal and the food is practically in contact with the fire. The advantage is that cooking times are reduced to a minimum. The non-stick coating and the ergonomic maico make this wok made in Italy an accessory of the highest quality.

If you like Chinese or Japanese cuisine, you can try it to make your favorite recipes!

Wok Line Rock Pot for Chinese Japanese Cooking Made in Italy

Line rock: hard as stone!

It is made of 3.2 mm thick, in five layers of food aluminum with bakelite handles .

This line combines high performance and maximum convenience. The non-stick internal coating, characterized by the stone effect, guarantees light and natural cooking. The Bakelite handle, the rectified bottom and the exterior in stone effect, which recalls the tones of the interior. It is an excellent solution for those who want to combine good cooking performance with practicality and convenience.

Discover the great advantages of cooking on the "stone"

The Roccia line allows cooking without oil and fat, preserving the flavor and aroma of food. Also you can cook even at low temperatures. All the products of this family are very resistant to wear and tear over time and at the same time do not lose non-stick properties.

The kitchen tools of the Roccia line keep the heat longer thanks to the fantastic material they are made of and the thickness of the base!

made in italy accessories for japanese chinese cooking

What is Foxchef Essentials?

From our passion for cooking comes Foxchef Essentials, the line of equipment carefully selected to get the best in the kitchen at smart prices. We had fun looking for the best tools... follow us in our journey in search of the perfect cooking.

italian accessories for japanese chinese cooking

Saving without sacrificing Made in Italy quality

The production takes place strictly with Made in Italy raw materials, at the factories located in Casalmaggiore - Cremona (Italy). The production department is in line with the most advanced technologies in the sector.

made in italy japanese chinese cooking

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