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Vulcano Ferraboli Gas Barbecue with Lava Stone and Grigliandola to Avoid Grease Drop on Grill

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Vulcano Ferraboli Gas Barbecue with Lava Stone and Grigliandola to Avoid Grease Drop on Grill

Professional lava stone BBQ and grilling system for serial grillers

The Vulcano barbecue is a GPL gas barbecue with lava rock; is equipped with trolley with wheels to facilitate movement.

Vulcano is equipped with two autonomous steel burners for LPG GAS which serve to heat the lava rock, distributing the heat with a good uniformity.

This barbecue is equipped with a grid of chrome-plated steel wire for food.

Very interesting is the decision to equip the barbecue with the GRIGLIANDOLA system, the innovative stainless steel grate by Ferraboli, which avoids the loss of grease by eliminating the backfires and collecting it in the special container (also in stainless steel).

The external burner is very convenient, ideal for outdoor cooking.

The lid, to be kept open during cooking, facilitates the maintenance of heat in the brazier when the fire is off.

Grilling in stainless steel: to solve the loss of grease

Falling fat is always a problem for barbecues. Ferraboli then resolves by inserting the brilliant Grigliandola system into the Vulcano BBQ:

Vulcano Ferraboli Gas Barbecue

Barbecue Vulcano by Ferraboli: thanks to the stove you can also make coffee

Let's see together, and in all their simplicity, some of the advantages that this great barbecue offers:
  • Steel lid : to keep food warm and for a more even heat distribution;
  • Practical gas stove : you can use it for saucepans and also to heat the coffee mocca at the end of the meal;
  • Durable structure : made of stainless steel AISI 430 that guarantees durability and easy maintenance;
  • Cast iron plate : vitrified according to European standards for feeds with relative certification;
  • Easy to assemble : thanks to the simple assembly of the four legs.

Ideas to make the most of the Vulcano Ferraboli barbecue? Here are some:

  • To cook meat and vegetables;
  • To cook healthy food everywhere;
  • For food-conscious people;
  • And for those who love coffee at home, anytime and anywhere :)

Barbecue with lid to cook meat and vegetables on the campsite

Additional information:

  • Weight: 28 kg;
  • Usage: large, wheels, cover, family;
  • Dimensions: 121 x 45 x 108h cm;
  • Grid: 56 x 35 cm;
  • Gas Power: 10 KW;
  • Approved and CE certified.

The opinion of the Foxchef team on the Vulcano by Ferraboli barbecue

"This bbq is the worthy kitchen of the Vulcan god! The Grigliandola system avoids the loss of fat by simplifying cooking and the external burner is a great convenience, a barbecue suitable for true experts of the barbecue."

Vulcano Ferraboli Gas BBQ LPG external burner

Ferraboli: for decades the great Italian Barbecue Protagonist

For over 50 years Ferraboli produces in Italy, in Brescia, a wide range of cooking tools. You will cook better! In fact, the Ferraboli equipment is robust, practical and easy to use. The design is Italian and original, inspired by the latest market trends.

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