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Urano Ferraboli Gas Barbecue Stainless Steel 2 Burners and Plate with Shelves

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Urano Ferraboli Gas Barbecue Stainless Steel 2 Burners and Plate with Shelves

This barbecue is made of stainless steel and steel sheet, it is mounted on a wheeled trolley and has an external burner and large side shelves to place plates.

Are you looking for a practical and fast BBQ for all occasions? Then the Uranus gas barbecue can be the right choice. Very little smoke, does not disturb the neighbors and spreads in the air that unmistakable scent of excellent grilled food. The Uranus barbecue is a LPG powered gas barbecue which has two burners. The structure is made of painted steel.

Urano Ferraboli Gas Barbecue LPG 2 Stainless steel burners and plate with shelves

Urano by Ferraboli: simple and quick bbq

The two burners grant the right fire power on every occasion. The burners are lighted automatically: the ignition lies in the gas knob, as in the new generation’s kitchens.

The lid is very convenient to keep cooked food hot, but it is also useful to store the barbecue away. Both large shelves are foldable to reduce size when the barbecue is not in use. The front cloth is a divider for the back shelf so that you can use the shelf without paying too much attention to aesthetics. The food grid is divided into two sections, both enamelled.

The four caster wheels with brake facilitate the movement.

Additional information:
  • Weight: 28 kg;
  • Usage: wheels, lid, medium, family;
  • Dimensions: cm 127 x 65 x 105h;
  • Grid: 45 x 40 cm;
  • Gas Power: 10 KW.

The opinion of the Foxchef team
"When the sun finally arrives and the desire to experience open spaces returns, it is inevitable to think about organizing an exquisite barbecue. About this, the interesting Urano Ferraboli barbecue is made of steel and sheet, mounted on a trolley with swivel wheels, which makes it easy to place and use. It has two convenient side shelves that are very useful to support the dishes, which can be folded in order not to create any space when not in use.The high potential burners guarantee the right firepower. They turn on automatically and, as in the latest generation of kitchens, the ignition is inserted in the gas knob. A guarantee of safety. In addition, the beardue Urano has a lid, in order to keep the food warm when cooked and to facilitate the accommodation at rest. The food grid is divided into three and two parts respectively, completely enamelled. Easy to clean and maintain, if you are looking for a simple and fun solution for your barbecues Urano by Ferraboli will be a faithful friend."

Ferraboli barbecue Urano Foxchef purchase price

Ferraboli: Italian Barbecue Protagonist
For over 50 years Ferraboli produces in Italy, in Brescia, a wide range of cooking tools. The Ferraboli equipment is robust, practical and easy to use. The italian design is original, inspired by the latest market trends.
Ferraboli: History of the Italian company of barbecues for outdoor grills

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