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Stereo Ferraboli LPG Gas Barbecue on Wheels With Supports for Tools and Inclinable Griddles for Greater Cleaning During Cooking Phase

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Brands: Ferraboli
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Stereo Ferraboli LPG Gas Barbecue on Wheels With Supports for Tools and Inclinable Griddles for Greater Cleaning During Cooking Phase

2 cast iron barbecue and cart trolley with wheels for maximum ease of movement

Summer is coming and it's time to enjoy in the garden and dive into the swimming pool. But then comes the desire for grilled meat and is all a run for preparation. There is a solution. The Stereo Ferraboli barbecue can help you with really comfortable features. Let's see some advantages together:
  • Practical cart: the Stereo barbecue is mounted on wheels and you can run it in the garden;
  • 2 inclinable griddles: to slide the cooking juices off and improve the cleaning;
  • Comfortable side shelf: to always have your kitchen tools at your fingertips;
  • Further lower shelf: larger and equipped with a metal basket to avoid losing anything;
  • Durable structure: made of painted steel;
  • Usable in 2 ways: griddle or cooker depending on the foods you want to cook.

Stereo Ferraboli LPG Gas Barbecue on Wheels With Supports for Tools and Inclinable Griddles for Greater Cleaning During Cooking Phase

Stereo Barbecue by Ferraboli: for fabulous barbecues near the pool

Ghisa Gas Stereo is a LPG powered gas barbecue mounted on a trolley.
The two cast iron griddles can be placed either flat or sloping, so that any fat drippings can be drained off.
The item is made of coated steel and it is mounted on wheels.
The structure of this barbecue presents two useful worktops, very convenient when you prepare your food.
It is possible to remove the griddles to use the barbecue as a normal outdoor  gas cooker. 

Ideas for using the Stereo Ferraboli barbecue?

  • For barbecues near the swimming pool;
  • For those who want comfort on wheels;
  • For those who can't transport too much weight;
  • To eat without worrying about anything else!

barbecue for grilling near swimming pool

Additional information:

  • Weight: 26 kg;
  • Usage: large, family, lid, wheels;
  • Dimensions: cm 97 x 55 x 73h;
  • Grid: 76 x 38 cm;
  • Gas Power: 3 KW + 1, 9 KW;
  • EC Certigaz approved.

The opinion of the Foxchef team

"The main advantage of the Stereo Ferraboli barbecue is undoubtedly the trolley cart with wheels.Your children dive into the swimming pool throwing water on the meat? Let them fun and move your barbecue very easily a few meters further. Stereo barbecue is also equipped with useful shelves and basket to support your star-studded chefs. We recommend it for those who know how to really enjoy themselves and for those who love life and fun.This is the only way to use it to the fullest! Enjoy BBQ!"

barbeque stereo with wheels cart trolley to not transport too much weight

Ferraboli: Italian Barbecue Protagonist

For over 50 years Ferraboli produces in Italy, in Brescia, a wide range of cooking tools. You will cook! In fact, the Ferraboli equipment is robust, practical and easy to use. The design is then Italian and original, inspired by the latest market trends.
Ferraboli: History of the Italian company of barbecues for outdoor grills

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