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SPR 30 Stainless Steel Pizza Dough Roller to Make Pizzas and Cupcakes 100% Made in Italy

Foxchef Essentials
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SPR 30 Stainless Steel Pizza Dough Roller to Make Pizzas and Cupcakes 100% Made in Italy

Make pizzas, bread and pastries in good company!

This machine for rolling pizzas is made entirely of stainless steel to ensure a quality product! It is used to make pasta discs with a variable diameter of 14/30 cm. In addition to pizzas, it is ideal to do:
  • Piadine: those delicious typical of Romagna;
  • Bread: of various traditional forms;
  • Focacce: for quick and tasty snacks;
  • Cakes: various cakes and cakes for the sweet tooth.

SPL 30 Stainless Steel Pizza Dough Roller to Make Pizzas and Cupcakes 100% Made in Italy

How does this machine work?

The machine works cold and therefore does not change the characteristics of the mixture. It guarantees perfect pasta discs with the possibility to adjust the thickness of the dough up to 4mm.

Foxchef advice: how to use the pizza dough roller to the best?

Space for ideas: create fantastic pastries and colorful pizzas. To save money, we recommend that you also purchase the ignition pedal, to reduce unnecessary power consumption and extend the life of the stendipizza. The pedal can be purchased separately on Foxchef.

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How is this kneading machine for pizzas and pasta?

  • Stainless steel structure: very resistant and easy to clean to always maintain a quality pizza;
  • Electric motor with thermal protection: the machine is more efficient and lasts over time;
  • Cooling fan for long work sessions: to support high levels of work;
  • Dough thickness adjustment: a choice from 0,5 to 4mm for pizzas according to your preferences;
  • Cold dough processing: not to alter the characteristics of the dough.

Technical characteristics of this pizza dough roller

  • Weight of the pasta: 80/210 g;
  • Diameter of the pizza: 14/30 cm;
  • Power supply: 230V / 1hp / 50Hz;
  • Single-phase motor power: 0.37 Kw;
  • Dimensions: 440 x 365 x 640h;
  • Weight: 27 Kg

Foxchef Essentials: professional quality in the preparation of pizzas

The Foxchef Essentials products help the kitchen professionals to reach the highest quality every day. They are machines such as electric and gas pizza ovens, spiral mixers and pizza racks. Products made entirely in Italy with selected and quality materials. Only in this way can you get food and pizzas with gourmet characteristics.

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Pizza Dough Roller SPR Line by Resto Italia

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