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Spiral Dough Mixer SK20M Single-Phase 230V for Pizzerias Pastries Bakeries by Resto Italia

Resto Italia
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Spiral Dough Mixer SK20M Single-Phase 230V for Pizzerias Pastries Bakeries by Resto Italia

Make pizzas, bread and pastries in good company!

This spiral kneading machine is the ideal machine for working doughs of:
  • Pizzerias: easily prepare soft and tender pizzas;
  • Pastry shops: make your customers fall in love with new fanciful creations;
  • Bakeries: the good day is seen from the morning;
  • Household dishes: do not wear limits and put your hands in dough!

Spiral Dough Mixer SK20M Single-Phase 230V for Pizzerias, Pastries and Bakeries by Resto Italia

Foxchef Advice: when is it better to use the spiral mixer?

Unlike other types of mixers, the spiral mixer is faster. Therefore we recommend it especially for doughs that have to be worked for a long time. In the case of pizzas it is well suited to make pizzas in a baking dish, round and classic pizzas.

How is this kneading machine for pizzas and pasta?

  • Spiral: the particular shape of the spiral helps you to prepare perfect doughs in a short time;
  • Stainless steel structure: tub, spiral, dough and protection grid are in stainless steel for food .;
  • Resistant and not noisy: the mixer has a chain transmission system and an oil bath geared motor;
  • Insulation in evaporated rock wool: avoids disperse the cooking heat.

OPTIONAL ON REQUEST . You can ask for options such as: single-phase motor, three-phase motor, 2-phase three-phase motor and motor with special voltages.

Technical characteristics of this spiral mixer

  • Bath volume: 21 liters;
  • Capacity: 17Kg;
  • Power: 1Hp / 0.75Kw;
  • Power supply: three-phase 400V;
  • Weight: 68Kg;
  • Tank dimensions: 360 x 210h mm;
  • External dimensions: 400 x 630 x 700 h;
  • Packaging dimensions: 450 x 770 x 840h.

Resto Italia: professional quality in the preparation of dough

The Resto Italia products help the kitchen professionals to reach the highest quality every day . Since 1961, it has been manufacturing catering machines such as electric and gas pizza ovens, spiral mixers and pizza racks. Products made entirely in Italy with selected and quality materials. Only in this way can you get food and pizzas with gourmet characteristics.

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