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Pressed Chippings Beech Poplar and Oak for Barbecue and Smokers 1Kg Smoke&Wood

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Pressed Chippings Beech Poplar and Oak for Barbecue and Smokers 1Kg Smoke&Wood

Shavings flavoring with various essences of pressed wood

This smoking material is made from pressed Beech, Poplar and Oak wood chips without the use of adhesives or other chemicals.
The product is certified from virgin wood origin.

The compression treatment achieves a double efficiency in terms of "fumigating" power compared to traditional uncompressed material normally available in stores. The smoking material changes in weight depending on the humidity.

The technical packaging is made against mold formation and harmful flavors to the woods.

Wood Barrique Oak for Barbecue and Smoke&Wood Smoker 2.5L

Discover the fabulous aroma of the Trentino woods

Let yourself be transported in a world of flavors. Each essence has been selected by Smoke&Wood smokers to be the ideal companion in the smoking of a specific type of food.

Wood to smoke Barbecue

Let yourself be inspired by the natural taste of smoking

The smoking process is an ancient cooking and preservation technique. For hundreds of years, smoking has been used to preserve the shelf life of many foods, especially meat and fish. Today we are rediscovering these tastes of the past. The grilling and smoking of foods with "gourmet" woods are back to being popular. A refined but unstoppable passion: the taste of food is strongly enhanced thanks to the aromas of the different plants.

shop to buy barbeque wood smoked flavorings

Smoke&Wood, smokers from Trentino

The characteristics of the smoking chips are carefully established. To get a good result during cooking, the Smoke&Wood experts select a non-homogeneous size. In fact it is necessary that there are some pieces suitable for smoking, while others must have a long fiber. Thus the art of smoking is realized, a balance of transferability of essences given by long and intact fibers.

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