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Portable Dehydrator Biosec Deluxe B6 Tauro Essiccatori with Minimum Space Requirement All in Stainless Steel Made in Italy

Tauro Essiccatori
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Portable Dehydrator Biosec Deluxe B6 Tauro Essiccatori with Minimum Space Requirement All in Stainless Steel Made in Italy

The small professional dehydrator made entirely of stainless steel

Deluxe is the top of the range by Biosec. All components of the Biosec Deluxe B6 dehydrator (tunnel and baskets) are made of stainless steel. No compromise for a dehydrator dedicated to kitchen professionals and enthusiasts who wish to possess the best.

The 6 baskets guarantee a drying surface increased by 20% compared to the Domus or Silver versions. The dehydrator is designed to generate a continuous horizontal flow of hot air, so as to reach equally all the baskets inside. Thanks to this technique, dehydration takes place in a homogeneous way.

The air enters the dehydrator and is heated and distributed by the thermo-ventilating unit, it crosses all the levels of the baskets and comes out collecting the humidity generated by the product being dried.

Portable Dehydrator Biosec Deluxe B6 Tauro Essiccatori with Minimum Space Requirement All in Stainless Steel Made in Italy

Technical features:
  • stainless steel drying tunnel;
  • 6 stainless steel baskets;
  • maximum power 480W;
  • external dimensions 27x27x45 cm;
  • indicative capacity 2.5/3.5 kg;
  • 100% Made in Italy.

The package contains:
  • motor with Dryset Pro electronic control;
  • stainless steel drying tunnel;
  • 10 stainless steel baskets;
  • user manual and drying guide.

Biosec Deluxe B6 Tauro small transport dryer in stainless steel

Our opinion - Foxchef team
"The Tauro Deluxe B6 dryer costs a little more than other dryers, because it has the air positioned on one side of the structure and not at the base, allowing a homogeneous drying on all floors. Made completely in stainless steel: beautiful and durable without any compromise. If you already know the quality of the Tauro dryers, Deluxe B6 will amaze you even more."

drying box Biosec Deluxe B6 Tauro top range stainless steel

Tauro, drying systems created with their users in mind

Founded more than 30 years ago in the heart of the Veneto countryside (in the north of Italy), Tauro Essiccatori make products for the drying of professional and domestic food. Energy saving, eco-sustainability, food quality and respect for their production cycle. This was the starting point for designing reliable and long-lasting drying systems, which can guarantee the highest quality of the dried product to those who will use them.

The advantages of drying in a concentration of flavors

The drying process concentrates aromas, perfumes and colors and maintains the nutritional and organoleptic properties of your food. Keep fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, flowers and everything that goes through your head: from summer to winter, your kitchen will always be full of joy!

Tip: Zucchini Chips - the healthy alternative to chips

Tip: Zucchini Chips - the healthy alternative to chips!

No, we're not joking and yes, we were skeptical too, it sounded so much like a rather extreme health-giving retreat. All nonsense: they are very good. Do you believe that they are even better than chips? If you have been invited to a friend's house, take your Tauro away. At the beginning they will look at you badly, but believe us if it will not change your evening ... obviously for the better!
Tauro Essiccatori - brand video

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