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Pocket Thermometer with CK77L Infrared Laser Pointer to Measure Food Temperature

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Pocket Thermometer with CK77L Infrared Laser Pointer to Measure Food Temperature

Infrared thermal probe to measure the surface temperature of objects!

Infrared laser thermometers are used to measure the temperature of food and other objects in general. An object so trivial can therefore become the solution to best preserve your food, to preserve its properties, and to avoid unnecessary waste. Let's see together the advantages of using a thermometer of this type!

Infrared temometers serve to:
  • Measure the temperature of the surface of an object;
  • Understanding the degree of preservation of food;
  • Increase everyday food security;
  • Avoid waste and improve food sustainability.

Pocket Thermometer with CK77L Infrared Laser Pointer for Food Preservation

How does an infrared thermometer work?

The thermometer emits a bundle of energy that is reflected on the surface of the object and returns to the thermometer. The energy is then translated into a temperature value which is shown on the LCD display.

Each object reflects a quantity of energy that depends on its temperature and its emission capacity (emissivity). The emissivity ranges from a value of 0.1, for highly reflective objects, to a value of 1.00 for non-reflecting objects, with a smooth black surface.

Just waste in the kitchen!

Foxchef is attentive to the kitchen. Here are some tips to avoid unnecessary waste of food:
  • Use equipment to know the degree of maturation of food;
  • Try to buy only seasonal food;
  • Try to dry food to eat it even out of season;
  • Keep in the fridge in special containers.

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Foxchef Advice: what to do before using the infrared thermometer

  • Beware of dirty surfaces: before measuring, remove the dirt from the surface of the object such as ice, oil, dirt, etc .;
  • Attention to reflective surfaces: if the object is very reflective, cover its surface with masking tape or black paint. Before measuring, wait a while and let the paint or adhesive tape absorb the temperature of the object well;
  • Attention to transparent surfaces: measurements through transparent surfaces such as glass may be inaccurate;
  • Beware of steam, dust, smoke: they can obscure measurements;
  • Temperature changes: the thermometer compensates for any changes in the ambient temperature. If the changes are very high, it can take up to 30 minutes.
  • To find a hot spot: aim the unit out of the affected area and scan until the hot spot is found.

Features of this infrared thermometer

  • Measurement range: -22 ° + 270 ° C / Resolution: 1 ° C;
  • Measurement optics: 6: 1 (at 60 cm distance the measurement area has a diameter of 10 cm);
  • Fixed emissivity - ° C / ° F - illuminated display;
  • Automatic switch-off: after 10 seconds of inactivity;
  • Operating temperature: - 32 to 122 ° F, from 0 to 50 ° C;
  • Operating humidity: max 80% relative humidity RH;
  • Dimensions: 94x51x20 mm;
  • Batteries: included (2x1.5V AAA);
  • Weight: 76 gr.

Measurement range

  • Ranges / resolution: from -30 to 270 ° C - from -22 to 518 ° F / 0.1 ° C -0.1 ° F;
  • Accuracy: 22 + 518 ° F / -30 + 270 ° C + (2.5% of reading + 4 ° C / 2 ° C);
  • Emissivity settings: digitally adjustable emissivity from 0.10 to 1.0;
  • Distance factor: object distance ratio 6: 1;
  • Accuracy notes: accuracy is guaranteed from 18 ° C to 28 ° C (64 ° F 82 ° C) with relative humidity of less than 80%.

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