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Petronilla Portable Electric Oven Pot Green Color Made in Italy

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Petronilla Portable Electric Oven Pot Green Color Made in Italy

Try Petronilla: a trusted travel companion!

A retro charm combined with modern technology. The famous oven pot is back with a modern look. The food does not attack and favors dietary cooking avoiding the use of grease.

With Petronilla you can prepare healthy grilled fish, but also meat and vegetables, soups, pizzas, bread, biscuits, roasts, boiled meats, pies, cakes and much more.

A new color, lively and cheerful: this is how the latest jewel of the Petronilla house is born. Green represents hope and a lot of luck! This is the green version, but Petronilla is available in other colors: search on Foxchef!

Petronilla Pot Electric green oven

pot green petronilla oven sale online

This is a practical oven pot : it cooks any dish, creates little space, has low consumption, is perfect for cakes or roasts. Petronilla also cooks in the summer (perhaps placing it on the balcony, thus avoiding overheating the interior).
  • Dimensions: 0 cm 32 - h cm 20
  • Weight: 3.55 kg
  • Power supply: 230 V-900 W

Petronilla is perfect when you have little space!

Completely produced in Italy, Petronilla is perfect for boats or campers where space is limited. Porta Petronilla in your travels, it will be a faithful companion!

Petronilla pot oven ideal for camping

Petronilla is equipped with a grill, cake pan, recipe book with over 170 recipes and user manual.

pot petronilla oven portable handy price made in italy

Low energy consumption (900W): Petronilla has a graduated thermostat for cooking programming. Once the oven temperature has been reached, the Petronilla pot continues cooking with the accumulated heat, avoiding energy waste. In the cavity hot air is formed up to over 300 degrees Celsius and inside the food cooks with the minimum use of condiments, there being no direct contact with the flame and thanks to the uniformly widespread humid heat, it is not necessary to mix or revolve.

The grill and the non-stick pan are included in the package.

The glass porthole of the oven allows to control the cooking of the food in a closed oven, without heat loss.

The rich recipe book included , offers a wide choice of food (about 170 different dishes, from appetizers to first courses, from main courses to side dishes, from bread to desserts and even grills, sauces, sauces, cooked vegetables, creams and more) and detailed tips for the use of the Petronilla pot.

electric pot oven petronilla price

Foxchef tips: be careful not to get burned!

"You will not be able to do without it any more ... You could use Petronilla even in place of the traditional oven, with considerable energy savings, but we give you some advice: do not touch the Petronilla lid (even the handle) without using oven glove or the pot holders because it warms up! "

Since 1944 Petronilla is an Italian tradition

Petronilla is produced in Lombardy (northern Italy region) by a Lombard artisan company founded in 1944, which has been producing it entirely by hand and with the best care ever since. Today, as then, Petronilla brings the best of Italian cuisine on our tables, combining the pleasure of healthy and genuine food with a unique practicality.

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