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Optical Refractometer Myelometer Useful in Apiculture to Measure Characteristics of Honey

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Optical Refractometer Myelometer Useful in Apiculture to Measure Characteristics of Honey

A myelometer in the pocket of every beekeeper!

Knowing the characteristics of your honey is very important because from these you can understand the quality of your product. If you are a beekeeper or if you dedicate yourself to apiculture just for the sake of passion, you will know that you can make measurements roughly, by eye. But there is also a scientific way and involves the use of a refractometer / myelometer.
Do you know what is the nice thing about this tool? The refractometer is cheap, it's easy to use, and makes no mistakes!

Why do you need to know the moisture and sugar of honey?

You need to know the right time to collect the honeycombs, the degree of preservability and the commercial value of honey.
  1. Measure the content of sugar, air, water used in honey production industries;
  2. Measure the sugar content in high sugar solutions, from 58 to 90%;
  3. Measure the specific gravity and dioptric index of honey used in beekeeping.

Refractometer Optical Myelometer Useful in Apiculture to Measure the Moisture of Honey

What is the refraction of light to measure sugar?

The refraction of light is a phenomenon that happens every day under our eyes. You will have noticed that, by dipping a spoon in a glass of water, this seems to be cut. In fact, the water refracts the rays of light deviating them: it is the optical effect of the refraction! The more we add sugar to the water, the more light rays are diverted. All this is measured with the refractometer.

How does the honey refractometer work?

  1. Put a few drops of honey on the myelometer prism;
  2. Look in the telescope facing it towards the light;
  3. Read the sugar level of the product.

The measurements must be repeated to make an average of the characteristics of the honey batch.
To avoid errors it is important to clean the prism with cotton soaked in water, drying it well.

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Measure the 3 indices of honey: sugar - air - water

  • Sugar content: 58-90% Scala Brix;
  • Resolution: 0,5 % Brix;
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% Brix.
  • Air content: 38-43 Be’;
  • Resolution: 0,5 Be';
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 Be°.
  • Water content: 12-27% Water;
  • Resolution: 1%;
  • Accuracy: ±1% Water.

Features of this myelometer

  • Model: Brix MR90 refractometer ATC;
  • With temperature compensator;
  • Weight: gr. 180;
  • Dimensions: 40X40X160 mm.

This refractometer / myelometer is equipped with ATC, automatic temperature compensation, able to provide accurate measurements even after changes in temperature at the workplace.

Foxchef recommends you: practical tips to clean the myelometer

  • Keep the lid and the prism clean: dirt can in fact reduce measurement accuracy;
  • Avoid scratches on the prism: these can also negatively influence the measurement;
  • Wipe with a damp cloth: do not use aggressive water and cleaners and dry well after cleaning;
  • Avoid knocks and falls: they could damage the internal optical system;
  • Keep in a dry place: we recommend that you keep the refractometer in the supplied case.

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