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MT5 Walnut Wood Grain Mill for Grinding Cereal with Granite Stone Salzburg Mills

Mulini di Salisburgo
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MT5 Walnut Wood Grain Mill for Grinding Cereal with Granite Stone Salzburg Mills

Heat in the kitchen with the walnut grinder!

A cold stone heart covered with warm walnut wood . Mills of Salzburg's MT5 mills took the best from what nature offers. Fruit of the Austrian experience, this domestic mill has been helping the mothers of the world for over 30 years. With MT5, eating becomes the rediscovery of ancient and traditional knowledge.

MT5 Walnut Wood Mill for Grinding Cereal with Granite Stone Salzburg Mills

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Mills of Salzburg is the Austrian company that has been creating domestic mills for grinding cereals for more than 30 years. Among the models we have selected for you there is also this very particular grain mill. Unlike the classic MT5 with beech wood, this model is in fact made of walnut. You have no chance to make mistakes!

Regulation from fine grind to coarse grind

MT5 also replaces a fioccatrice and easily produces coarsely ground grains for a healthy breakfast with muesli. With the adjustment wheel you can adjust the degree of fineness of the mill , from fine flour to coarsely ground wheat. The fineness can also be changed during grinding.

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Precious shell in walnut wood

For centuries, walnut belongs to the most sought-after woods for furniture and veneers. For this reason it is more expensive than the other woods. In addition to furniture and interiors (wall and ceiling coverings) it is used for turning, musical instruments and rifle butts. Exclusive is the use for interiors and dashboards of luxury cars with puffed marbled.

Watch the video of the Salzburg Mills in the Foxchef Youtube channel

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Technical data of MT5 grain mill:

  • Body of the mill: walnut wood (excluding the grindstone door);
  • Surface treatment of the structure: biological beeswax;
  • Grain mill: natural granite;
  • Industrial motor: 360 W / 230 Volt / 50 Hz;
  • Fine grinding amount (flour): about 100 grams per minute (slowness is a quality feature for mills with a natural stone mill);
  • Coarse grinding quantity: from 100 g / min to rise up to 280 g / min;
  • Loading capacity of the funnel: about 800 gr;
  • Grinding degree adjustment: with continuous adjustment variator;
  • Diameter of the mill: 90 mm;
  • Number of revolutions: 1200 / min;
  • Height: 380 mm;
  • Upper width: 180 mm;
  • Bottom width: 155 mm;
  • Weight: 8 Kg

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