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MT18 Grain Grind Mill for Herbalism with Natural Granite and Beech Wood by Salzburg Mills

Mulini di Salisburgo
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MT18 Grind Mill for Herbalism with Natural Granite and Beech Wood by Salzburg Mills

Cereals are harvested in very large quantities and in many developing countries they are the main food in the diet of the human population. For the richest countries, the consumption of cereals in everyone's diet is present in substantial quantities.

Do you know that the name cereals comes from CeresCèrere, Roman goddess of mèsses and fields?

Reinvent the grind mill: you can use it also for herbal medicine!

The mills of the Salzburg Mills brand are high quality Austrian products and are made only with natural materials. They are easy to use in the kitchen and are not dangerous for children. Perhaps, however, this is not their only and possible use. Reinvent your grind mill. For example, imagine using it to grind herbs and seeds to make relaxing products and revitalizing herbal compresses . What do you think of this idea?

Salzburg Mills have amazed us for more than 30 years and will amaze us for a long time yet!

MT18 Macinacereali for Herbalism with Natural Granite and Beech Wood by Mulini di Salzburg

Idea: why use a grind mill also for herbal medicine?

1 - Better quality
You can use it on an ongoing basis and like all the mills in Salzburg it is easy to use.
With a practical lever you can adjust the fineness of the flour and grind the amount you need.

2 - Maximum security
The steel wire on the funnel ensures effortless adjustment and extreme stability of the mill. Also you can lock the with a patented mechanism.

3 - Power like no other
The powerful industrial motor with overload protection in cooperation with the stone grinder ensures fast and safe grinding.

stone mill wood herbal medicine

4 - Dust free
The time when the mills needed drawers for waste collection has passed. This grind mill does not make dust and is easy to clean.

5 - Silent
The wheels are mounted elastically so the vibrations are absorbed without creating annoying noises.

6 - Very resistant materials
The natural granite stones used for grinding are resistant and self-polishing.

Watch the video of the Salzburg Mills in the Foxchef Youtube channel

home milling machine video tutorial

Technical data of the MT18 milling machine:

  • Body of the mill: hard and solid beech wood (excluding the grindstone door);
  • Surface treatment of the structure: biological beeswax;
  • Grind mill: natural granite;
  • Industrial engine: 900 W / 230 Volt / 50 Hz;
  • Fine grinding amount (flour): about 18 kg per hour;
  • Coarse grinding quantity: from 270 g / min up to 580 g / min (about 35 kg / hour);
  • Loading capacity of the funnel: about 1700 gr (up to 5 Kg);
  • Grinding degree adjustment: with continuous adjustment variator;
  • Diameter of the mill: 120 mm;
  • Number of revolutions: 850 / min;
  • Height: 470 mm;
  • Upper width: 250 mm;
  • Bottom width: 185 mm;
  • Weight: 18.5 Kg

mills of Salzburg mills

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