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Metallic Optical Refractometer Double Scale Brix 0/50-80 to Know Grade of Sugar in Fruit

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Metallic Optical Refractometer Double Scale Brix 0/50-80 to Know Grade of Sugar in Fruit

It's harvest time for fruit: do it at the right time!

  • Collect fruit when it is rip : collect the fruit at the perfect moment;
  • Make the harvest at the right time: the refractometer helps you choose when to harvest;
  • Choose the alcohol content of the wine: select in advance the alcohol content for your wine.

It is ideal for measuring the concentration of sugar in liquids such as: fruit juice, canned foods, condensed milk, liquid sugar, jams and other applications requiring concentration measurements up to 80 ° Brix (% ​​weight sucrose).

What is the use of knowing how much sugar is in the fruit?

With a sugar measuring refractometer you can understand when to harvest grapes and fruit . Also you can predict the alcohol level after fermentation. In this way you reduce to zero the errors during the harvest and the harvest of the fruit, and also during the production of the wine. It is a scientific system that works 100%.

Metallic Optical Refractometer for fruit

What is the particularity of this refractometer?

  • Resistant metal: unlike other products, it is made of shock-resistant metal;
  • 2 Brix scales with 0-80% amplitude: scale 1 includes 0-50%. The scale 2 includes 50-80% instead. You can choose to use the scale you want with a simple rotation on the barrel of the RHBO-80.

How does the fruit refractometer work?

  1. Put a drop of fruit that you want to measure;
  2. Look in the refractometer turning it towards the light;
  3. Read the sugar level of the product.

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Measure the sugar content using the BRIX grade

BRIX is the percentage of sugar expressed as a percentage. It is named after Adolf Ferdinand Brix, a famous 19th-century German metematic.

Features of the Brix optical refractometer 0 / 50-80

  • Double-scale instrument: 0-50 / 50-80 BRIX
  • Scale: 0-80% Brix;
  • Accuracy: 1%.

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