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Medium 10041N Stainless Steel Smoker Ideal for Making Smoked Cheese

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Medium 10041N Stainless Steel Smoker Ideal for Making Smoked Cheese

This smoker is a little smaller than the 10040N version that can be purchased separately on Foxchef.

What food can you smoke with this smoker?

You can smoke various types of food such as:
  • Meats;
  • Fish;
  • Cheeses;
  • Salami.

In addition to being able to smoke foods like meats and salami, with this tool you can also make cheeses with an intense and precious flavor! Just put your products on the practical metal shelves, there are 3. Do you want to try some recipes you've seen on the internet? Or do you want to try some homemade cheese in a mountain hut at home? Have fun with the 10041N smoker!

Medium 10041N Stainless Steel Smoker Ideal Also for Making Smoked Cheese

What is a smoker for?

It serves to aromatize food and lengthen its preservation . Do you like intense aromas? Try this particular technique that just serves to give the food an intense and full-bodied flavor. You do not need to be an expert to know how to use a smoker. You will also be amazed at how the meat and fish will take that tasty scent of fine woods in no time (from 4 to 12 hours).

Foxchef advice: how to smoke a good cheese?

To smoke the cheese, first of all it serves a quality cheese. And then you need a good dose of creativity, to try different recipes and tastes.
  1. Prepare the smoker using natural wood chips . Only in this way can you have a good smoke for your cheese.
  2. Have you already chosen cheese? Put it in the smoker or prepare it first by wrapping it with some home-made spice.
  3. Check the temperature during smoking and keep the fire alive by adding more wood chips every 30-40 minutes;
  4. If you see that the cheese starts to sweat, let air pass to lower the temperature;
  5. Continue to smoke for 5 or 6 hours . The cheese should not smoke as long as the meat;
  6. When the cheese is ready , wrap it in a waxed paper and let it rest a little in the fridge;
  7. Your high quality smoked cheese will be ready to eat at the table!

smoked cheese recipe

Taste new recipes with smoked cheese

Sliced ​​tomatoes, fresh lettuce, onion rings and some soft pieces of smoked cheese.
It's not just a quick and easy recipe: it's the best way to feel the taste of your new creation,
Give a taste surprise to those you love the most!

Features of this smoker

These smokers are high quality products made entirely of stainless steel.
They are also equipped to make smoking easier, even for non-experts. Here's how they are made.
  • Durable structure : in stainless steel AISI 430;
  • 3 grids to fix the food : in stainless steel AISI 304 to support the food;
  • 5 hooks for hanging food : 1-tipped stainless steel for hanging sausages;
  • Burner drawer : in stainless steel AISI 430;
  • Grease pan : in stainless steel AISI 430 for degreasing;
  • Front cover : to open the sliding smoker or completely. Used to insert the grids horizontally;
  • Air regulator : to adjust the upper air draft;
  • Thermometer hole : you can insert the thermometer to check the temperature in the smoker;
  • Smoking material : included in the package 1 kg. compressed wood chippings of Beech wood ideal for 5/10 smoking cycles.

On Foxchef you can find other 1 kg chipping packages. 2.5 Kg. 10 Kg. And 15 kg.
Model 10041N is in mounting kit with optional accessory for cold smoking
(with external burner drawer).

Size of this smoker

The dimensions are 38x27x80 cm.

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