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Large Barbecue Cover Ferraboli Waterproof Plastic Rain and Dust Protection

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Large Barbecue Cover Ferraboli Waterproof Plastic Rain and Dust Protection

Ferraboli waterproof cover, the safest way to protect your barbecue

Made of excellent waterproof plastic, the Ferraboli cover becomes a must for the care of your barbecue.  Don't use it means exposing the barbecue that you love so much to the weather and the dirt. Would not you want to do without it? Just take small precautions and everything changes. So the cleaning time turns into time to think about what to cook at the next grill! And if you have to replace the barbecue? Buy it separately on Foxchef.

Large Barbecue Cover Ferraboli Waterproof Plastic Sheet for Rain Weather Protection and Dust

Bad weather arrives: protect your barbecue with the Ferraboli waterproof cover

Waterproof plastic cover, for the protection of the barbecue from rain and dust.

Protect your barbecue easily from:

  • Bad weather: wind, rain, thunderstorm, hail;
  • Barbecue powder: always keep the barbecue clean to be able to use it at the next barbecue!

towel for barbecue Ferraboli wind, rain, thunderstorm, hail

Additional information:

  • Material: waterproof plastic;
  • Dimensions: cm 140 x 65 x 70h.
  • Suitable for Ferraboli barbecues (available separately on Foxchef).

The opinion of the Foxchef team

"The bad weather of summer is coming and it is so sudden that there is never a way to move the barbecue away. Then you have to clean it from dirt and dust that spread around. Luckily Ferraboli has foreseen a very useful accessory that helps you avoid all this. When you finished your barbecue with friends, just wrap the protective cover around the barbecue and immediately it will be sheltered from dust and bad weather. So it will be ready for the next party!"

waterproof towel to protect barbecue Ferraboli

Ferraboli: Italian Barbecue Protagonist

For over 50 years Ferraboli produces in Italy, in Brescia, a wide range of cooking tools. Ferraboli equipment is robust, practical and easy to use. The design is Italian and original, inspired by the latest market trends.
Ferraboli: History of the Italian company of barbecues for outdoor grills

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