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KT7 Metal Cleaner Brightener Detergent KT-Line 500ml Bottle with Nebulizer

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KT7 Metal Cleaner Brightener Detergent KT-Line 500ml Bottle with Nebulizer

Brightener detergent ready to use specifically for polished and satinized steels, aluminum and chrome. Ideal for elevators, refrigerators, appliances, faucets and worktops. Thanks to its strong dissolving, surfactant and polishing properties, KT7 performs a very synergistic degreasing and polishing action.

Packaging: 500 ml bottle with nebulizer.

Thanks to KT7 from Kiter, new light to metals

KT7 removes oils and greases, stains, fingerprints, inks. It restores the original shine to the treated surfaces leaving a long lasting protective film. It is a product free from corrosive ingredients suitable for all types of metals.

Instructions for Use

Apply by spray or with a cloth. Wipe with a clean cloth or paper until it is dry.

KT-Line Kiter detergents price

KT-Line, a specific detergent for each surface

Discover all Kiter KT-Line products: each item has its own specific area of ​​expertise! Look for the cleaner that best suits your cleaning needs.

HACCP: this material is suitable for food use

This article is suitable for a HACCP legislation system based. The HACCP model (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) represents all the measures that the "responsible of the food industry" must adopt to guarantee the hygienic safety and integrity of the foodstuffs. To develop an effective HACCP system, a company must have suitable basic structural requirements, and the company have to respect the general rules on good working and production hygiene practices. A product that is suitable for the HACCP model, is made for food use.

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Kiter: professional cleaning is at home

Since 1979 Kiter offers a wide range of professional detergents and products for the treatment and the protection of floors and surfaces. Thanks to the great experience accumulated in the sector, Kiter makes lines of ecological products for detergents with low environmental impact and to protect the health of its users. The products in the Kiter catalog are ideal for professional use, but they can also be used at home for periodic cleaning and sanitation.

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