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KT4 Sanitizing Degreaser for Microwave Ovens Kiter KT-Line 500ml Bottle with Nebulizer

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KT4 Sanitizing Degreaser for Microwave Ovens Kiter KT-Line 500ml Bottle with Nebulizer

KT4 has a sanitizing degreaser action, ideal for the maintenance of microwave ovens. It removes grease and food residues, stains, splashes of food and grease from both the inside walls and from the glass and external surfaces of the oven. It leaves no halos, it doesn't produce annoying fumes and it leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Packaging: 500 ml bottle with nebulizer.

kiter sanitizing microwave kiter KT4

Instructions for Use

First of all, unplug the appliance. Spray KT4 inside the oven or pour over a damp sponge and rub. Rinse well with a sponge. Allow to dry 20 minutes before use.

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With KT-Line, a specific detergent for each surface

Discover all Kiter KT-Line products: each item has its own specific area of ​​expertise! Look for the cleaner that best suits your cleaning needs.

HACCP: this material is suitable for food use

This article is suitable for a HACCP legislation system based. The HACCP model (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) represents all the measures that the "responsible of the food industry" must adopt to guarantee the hygienic safety and integrity of the foodstuffs. To develop an effective HACCP system, a company must have suitable basic structural requirements, and the company have to respect the general rules on good working and production hygiene practices. A product that is suitable for the HACCP model, is made for food use.

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Thanks to Kiter, professional cleaning is at home

Since 1979 Kiter is specialized in the formulation and manufacture of professional detergents and products for treatment and protection of floors and surfaces. The products of Kiter's catalog are ideal for professional use, but they are also suitable to be used at home for periodic cleaning and sanitation.

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