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Kit Ferraboli Soapstone Plate with Metallic Support To Keep Hot Food Pots and Dishes on the Table

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Kit Ferraboli Soapstone Plate with Metallic Support To Keep Hot Food Pots and Dishes on the Table

The soapstone stone to keep your dishes warm without cooling

You can use the Ferraboli soapstone plate to keep your dishes warm on the table. It is equipped with a practical metallic support where you can insert candles, so your plate will remain hot for a long time. In addition you don't risk to burn yourself because it has comfortable handles on the sides. In summary:
  • To keep hot food;
  • To keep your dishes warm;
  • To be placed on the table;
  • Very practical, with metal support;
  • You can use candles to keep the heat.

You've just finished cooking. The table is prepared, the decorations are there. Well, everything is ready for your lunch. How to keep hot food? With this soapstone plate!

Kit soapstone plate + metallic support

The kit includes:

Soapstone plate with metallic handles

Kit Ferraboli Soapstone Plate with Metallic Support To Keep Hot Food Pots and Dishes on the Table

Metallic support with the possibility of inserting candles

soapstone kit to keep warm food table

What is soapstone? Why is it better than the cast iron griddles?

The soapstone is extracted in Val Chiavenna and Malenco, in Val d'Ossola, and Engadina. Thanks to its workability, refractoriness and high resistance to fire, it is particularly suitable in the kitchen.

It is better than the cast iron griddles because you do not have to add other fats in your food. In this way cooking is more dietary and food is healthier. Furthermore, on the traditional grills, the fats drip on the embers and the fumes go into your food.

gas cooker with soapstone for dietetic food

Is this the first time with soapstone?

Do not worry, just take a few tricks:
  • Wash it with salt water and dry it carefully;
  • Do not use any detergent;
  • Grease it with olive oil and keep it greased for at least 24 hours;
  • Dry the remaining oil with absorbent paper;
  • Heat it gradually and homogeneously over the fire;
  • Allow the stone to cool;
  • Never throw cold water on the stone to cool it, otherwise you may break it.

How to use soapstone on the table?

Soapstone is a natural material that should be heated gradually . Thanks to the metal support, you can easily use it to place pots and dishes just cooked. You can move it from one point to another using the handles. And if you want a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can use the candles too. In this way you will keep constant the temperature of the plate. Is is an ideal solution for important lunches and dinners!

Additional information:

  • Weight: 6.20 kg;
  • Dimensions: Cm.41x26 h.12;
  • Stone thickness: 20 mm;
  • Stone dimensions: 27x27 cm;
  • Warming measures: 45x14 h. 8 cm.

The opinion of the Foxchef team: how do you clean the soapstone?

"When you have finished your lunch, let the soapstone cool off by itself, when it is lukewarm use a cloth soaked in vinegar and a scraper or an iron brush, then grease it with olive oil to use it many times."

soapstone to keep hot food

Ferraboli: Italian Barbecue Protagonist

For over 50 years Ferraboli produces in Italy, in Brescia, a wide range of cooking tools. You will cook! In fact, the Ferraboli equipment is robust, practical and easy to use. The design is then Italian and original, inspired by the latest market trends.

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