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Gas Oven to Bake Italian Pizza at Home Like in Pizzeria

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Gas Oven to Bake Italian Pizza at Home Like in Pizzeria

Cook the very italian pizza in your house: choose a oven like in pizzeria!

Make your own homemade pizzas just like those of the italian pizzerias. Thanks to the pizza oven you can become a real pizza chef. The pizza ovens can bring the temperature to 400 ° C in 5 minutes. The temperature above 350 ° C is essential for making professional pizzas. The cooking takes place on "Cordierite" refractory stone that allows pizzas with a diameter of up to 30 cm., And with good manual skill, 50 pizzas can be churned out per hour.

Gas Oven to Bake Italian Pizza at Home Like in Pizzeria

A gas oven to enjoy your homemade pizzas

Here's how this oven is made for homemade pizzas:
  • Firing on refractory stone: for a more natural cooking of pizza;
  • Support shelf in stainless steel: for a structure that resists over time;
  • Stainless steel door: resistant and easy to clean;
  • Thermometer inserted in the cover: to easily check the temperature value;
  • Maxi scoop for pizza as a gift: become the pizza maker of your home.

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What are the characteristics of the pizza oven?

  • Temperature up to 400 ° in 5 minutes;
  • Structure and burner in stainless steel;
  • You can chop 50 pizzas an hour;
  • Equipped with safety valve with thermocouple;
  • Piezoelectric ignition;
  • Indicator thermometer on top;
  • Approved and CE Approved.

Technical features

  • Thermal power: 4.8 Kw;
  • Consumption at 4.8 Kw: 350 g / h;
  • Injector diameter: 1.09 mm;
  • Gas category: I3 + (28-30 / 37) - I3B / P (30);
  • Gas Type: Butane - Propane - Butane-Propane Blend;
  • Pressure: 28-30 mbar - 37 mbar - 30 mbar;
  • Size of the cooking stone: 51x35 cm .;
  • Measurements: 76 x 46 x 49 cm;
  • Weight: 18.5 kg.

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