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Gas Oven to Bake 4 Pizzas RG4 Made in Italy by Resto Italia

Resto Italia
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Gas Oven to Bake 4 Pizzas RG4 Made in Italy by Resto Italia

IMPORTANT: indicate the type of gas, natural or LPG (butane or propane) at the moment of order.

Discover a professional pizza oven with high performance!

This gas oven of the RG line is ideal for pizzerias and gourmet caterers. Be inspired by your creativity. With this oven you will not have any limits of any kind: gourmet pizzas, traditional pizzas and imaginative reinterpretations.

Watch the video to learn more about the quality of Made in Italy products by Resto Italia.

Gas Oven to Bake 4 Pizzas Together RG4 Made in Italy by Resto Italia

Gourmet pizza is also made with a gas oven

Gourmet is a French word that means "Gourmet". Very well. At Foxchef, we believe that this oven is ideal for creating gourmet pizzas , those that are hard to forget. We believe that it does not necessarily need a wood oven to make gourmet cuisine. The oven is just an instrument in the kitchen. We need creativity, knowing how to make mistakes with mistakes, curiosity and awareness of our skill. A powerful gas oven like this will surely help you to go far.

How is this electric oven for gourmet pizzas made?

  • Structure in stainless steel and pre-painted sheet: to resist over time, it is easy to clean and elegant to look at;
  • Cooking chamber in aluminized sheet: guarantees a very high efficiency;
  • Refractory stone cooking top: not to disperse the heat of the oven;
  • Insulation in evaporated rock wool: avoids disperse the cooking heat;
  • Steam discharge in the center of the chamber: to improve the efficiency of the oven;
  • Internal lighting: allows you to easily control the cooking of the pizza;
  • Gas supply: with safety valves;
  • Burners placed on the floor: you have no limits to creating real gourmet pizzas.

Technical characteristics of this pizza oven

size of the pizza oven
  • Internal dimensions: (A 62) (B 62) (C 15,5) cm .;
  • External dimensions: (A 100) (B 84) (C 47.5) cm .;
  • Packaging dimensions: (A 100) (B 100) (C 64) cm .;
  • Number of cooking chambers: 1;
  • Number of burners: 4;
  • Power: 13.2 Kw;
  • Temperature: 450 ° C;
  • Weight: 104 Kg;
  • Number of insertable pizzas: 4 with a diameter of 33 cm;
  • Number of insertable pans: 1 with dimensions 60X40 cm.

Resto Italia: since 1961 professional quality

The Resto Italia products help the kitchen professionals to reach the highest quality every day . Since 1961, it has been manufacturing catering machines such as electric and gas pizza ovens, spiral mixers and pizza racks. Products made entirely in Italy with selected and quality materials. Only in this way can you get food and pizzas with gourmet characteristics.

Resto Italia shop discounts gas ovens for pizzerias pizzas price
Resto Italia Pizza Ovens Made in Italy

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