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Fumetto Smoker Ideal for Who Want to Learn How to Smoke Food

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Fumetto Smoker for Beginners who Want to Learn Food Smoking

Fumetto and the search for the perfect dish

Fumetto is not just the name of an accessory for the kitchen. It is much more: it is the key to learning to smoke with a fun spirit.

With this newest electric smoker you have no more excuses: it's practical to use and contain all the quality of the most professional models.

Fumetto Smoker for Beginners who Want to Learn Food Smoking

What food can you smoke with this smoker?

You can smoke various types of food such as:
  • Meats;
  • Fish;
  • Cheeses;
  • Salami.

In addition to being able to smoke foods such as meat and salami, with this tool you can also make cheeses with an intense and precious flavor! Just put your products on the practical metal shelves, there are 3. Do you want to try some recipes you've seen on the internet? Or do you want to try some homemade cheese in a mountain hut at home? Have fun smoking with Comics!

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What is a smoker for?

It serves to aromatize food and lengthen its preservation. Do you like intense aromas? Try this particular technique that just serves to give the food an intense and full-bodied flavor. You do not need to be an expert to know how to use a smoker. You will also be amazed at how the meat and fish will take that tasty scent of fine woods in no time (from 4 to 12 hours).

Foxchef advice: how to smoke a good cheese?

To smoke the cheese, first of all it serves a quality cheese. And then you need a good dose of creativity, to try different recipes and tastes.
  1. Have you already chosen cheese? Put it in the smoker or prepare it first by wrapping it with some home-made spice.
  2. Check the temperature during smoking and keep the fire alive by adding more wood chips every 30-40 minutes;
  3. If you see that the cheese starts to sweat, let air pass to lower the temperature;
  4. Continue to smoke for 5 or 6 hours . The cheese should not smoke as long as the meat;
  5. When the cheese is ready , wrap it in a waxed paper and let it rest a little in the fridge;
  6. Your high quality smoked cheese will be ready to eat at the table!

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What fuel can I use with this smoker?

You can use any type of wood chips or smoke sawdust based on the perfumes you prefer.
On Foxchef you can find many types of chips of various qualities for smoking.
The chips we sell are absolutely free of chemical and harmful to health.

Features of Fumetto smoker

This smoker is suitable for beginners who want the best and also for professionals and cooking enthusiasts. Here's how they are made.
  • Durable structure: in stainless steel AISI 430;
  • Opening lid: in stainless steel AISI 430;
  • 1 grid to fix the food: in stainless steel AISI 304 to place the food;
  • Support stand: with non-slip feet.

IMPORTANT: This model is supplied with a practical manual ignition drawer to which it is possible to combine the electric ignition kit (sold separately on Foxchef).

Size and weight of Fumetto smoker

The dimensions are 65x30x35h cm.
The size of the smoking room is 45x24x17.5h cm.
The weight is 5 kilograms.

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