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Food Thermometer with 125 mm Long Probe to Measure Meat Temperature

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Food Thermometer with 125 mm Long Probe to Measure Meat Temperature

Ideal thermal probe for optimal meat cooking!

Have you ever cooked twice the same kind of meat and having two different cooking?
Let's see together a way to solve this problem and to get you back to being the protagonist of your kitchen.

Food thermometers with probe inserted into the meat: what are they?

They are electronic instruments that, thanks to a 12.5 cm long pin, can detect the internal temperature of the meat. The advantages are numerous:
  • Always perfect cooking at the heart of the meat;
  • Measurement of the temperature without changing the properties of the meat;
  • You do not have to cut to understand the condition of the meat;
  • Portable instrument, practical and easy to use thanks to the monitor on the device.

Food Thermometer with 125 mm Long Probe to Measure Meat Temperature

How does a probe thermometer work?

Using these thermometers is very easy and are ideal for professionals and even for non-professionals.
Simply insert the pin pointing it at the center of the food. This will help you to have a perfect cooking of the heart!

What is cooking at the heart of the meat?

No no no, no appointments and nights in white. When it comes to cooking at the heart we talk about a cooking method that involves meat and fish.
The heart is the central point of the food and the farthest from the outer surface. The cooking heat spreads from the outside to the inside.
Here then, to understand if your meat is well cooked, it will be important to understand if your heart is cooked.

Remember: if you point to the heart of the flesh, you will also conquer the heart of those close to you!

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Characteristics of this food probe

  • Measurement range : -40 ° C to + 200 ° C (-40 ° F to 392 ° F);
  • Battery included;
  • Hanger clip;
  • Automatic switch-off function : after 10 minutes of inoperativity.

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