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Essential Oils Extractor 20 Liters to Distil Oil with Steam from Medicinal Plants

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Essential Oils Extractor 20 Liters to Distil Oil with Steam from Medicinal Plants

Stainless Steel Alembicator Extractor - 20 Lt Concept Plus Model

The extractor for essential oils 20 Lt Concept Plus, also commonly called alembic or distiller, is built entirely in stainless steel and is equipped with all the components to perform the process of extraction of essential oils.

Essential Oils Extractor 20 Liters to Distil Oil with Steam from Medicinal Plants   Essential Oils Extractor 20 Liters to Distil Oil with Steam from Medicinal Plants price promotion

Discover the benefits of extracting essential oils from the tissue of medicinal plants

Steam distillation is a technique that allows the extraction of essential oils from the tissue of officinal plants (whether fresh or dried) through their transport by water vapor.

The passage of the steam generated by the boiling of the water through the vegetal material, makes the cell walls more permeable, up to determine the breakage, and the escape of the essential oil, which is then condensed in a coil that cooled by a recirculation of water allows the separation in essential oil and aromatic water. The essential oil (being lighter) is then deposited on the surface having a lower density.
  • The Kit includes the following items:
  • The heating boiler with lid equipped with a thermometer and safety cap;
  • The grids: lower and upper;
  • The steam connection tube;
  • The 5 bubbles cooling burette with clamp;
  • The essential oil collection cylinder;
  • The cooling circuit connection pipe;
  • And of course the user manual.

How does the distiller work?

The distiller is used for the extraction of essential oils from medicinal plants using the steam current principle. It is possible to use the extractor (distiller) for all fresh and dried plants whose oil can be extracted in a steam stream.

We report some of the various plants that can be distilized with the extractor: lavender, mint, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, sage, oregano, chamomile, rose, eucalyptus, lemon balm, savory, absinthe, basil, luigia grass, cypress, pine stone , mugo pine, elicriso, geranium, eucalyptus, juniper, lentisco, marjoram, parsley, rue, turpentine, valerian, and many others.

What will you need for the extraction?
  • distiller;
  • gas or electric cooker;
  • water;
  • aromatic plants with a high content of essential oils such as mint, lavender, thyme, rosemary, savory, sage, etc.

It is not necessary to have a chemical laboratory but just a normal home cooking as this extractor can work on the stove in your kitchen.
2 kg of fresh plants are needed, collected during the period when the plant reaches the maximum concentration of active ingredients, also called balsamic time.

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How to best use the extractor?
  1. Insert the water into the distiller's boiler until the grating on the bottom touches
  2. Insert the plants in the distiller avoiding the creation of preferential channels for the steam escape
  3. Place the upper grill and close the distiller lid Fix the steel cooling circuit and the pyrex glass burette
  4. Activate the heat source (cooker or electric hotplate, gas or induction cooker) and when the temperature is about 50 ° C activate the cooling circuit.
  5. The steam will capture the part of essences contained in the plant that will subsequently separate physically due to the difference in specific weight between aromatic water and essential oil
  6. After about 60-70 minutes from the start of the extraction, check the increase of the essential oil inside the collection cylinder.
  7. Deactivate the heat source when the increase is negligible Recover the oil extracted through the tap positioned at the bottom of the burette and clean the distiller.

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How to best preserve essential oils?

The essential oil produced is very delicate, it is very important to keep it in dark glass bottles away from direct light and heat sources, to prevent it from altering losing its natural scent and thus avoiding the development of substances that can be harmful.

There are two distillation products

The pure essential oil that has just been extracted does not always have a pleasant smell as it needs a rest time, equal to a few weeks, in order to ripen.
Aromatic water, however, is not a waste as you might think, but rather the second product that we can obtain through the distillation of which we can make a wide use, excellent in the iron, useful as a tonic to cleanse the face and not from less to water your plants as it is enhanced by an important antiseptic power.
A: mm 470;
B: mm 700;
C: mm 470.

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