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Electric Oven for Pizzerias Start 4 Made in Italy by Resto Italia

Resto Italia
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Electric Oven for Pizzerias Start 4 Made in Italy by Resto Italia

Let's start with the Oscar of pizza!

Do you like pizzas? The Start oven is one of the simplest products by Resto Italia: it is compact and designed to get the best for the same price. The START electric oven is ideal for pizzerias and rotisserie.

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Electric Oven for Pizzeria and Rosticceria Start 4 Made in Italy by Resto Italia

Curiosity of Foxchef: pizzas in movies

Many Hollywood directors have included it in scenes that have made the history of cinema, and this alone would be worth an Oscar to the most famous Italian dish in the world. Just to name one.
Do you remember the movie "Home Alone"? The evening before the departure the McCallister family orders pizzas for everyone: this is the trigger for the story, that is the bickering between Kevin and his big brother Buzz. Kevin does not find his pizza and is sent upstairs. The following day his family disappeared!

pizza and cinema movies

How is this electric oven for pizzas made?

  • Structure in stainless steel and pre-painted sheet : to resist over time, it is easy to clean and elegant to look at;
  • Refractory stone cooking top : not to disperse the heat of the oven;
  • Insulation in evaporated rock wool : avoids disperse the cooking heat;
  • Armored resistances ;
  • Internal lighting : allows you to easily control the cooking of the pizza;
  • Power supply : Volt 230 - Volt 400 Three-phase + neutral.

Technical characteristics of this pizza oven

oven pizzeria ecommerce italian rest italy
  • Internal dimensions: (A 66) (B 66) (C 14) cm .;
  • External dimensions: (A 94) (B 92) (C 40) cm .;
  • Packaging dimensions: (A 97) (B 97) (C 56) cm .;
  • Number of cooking chambers: 1;
  • Power: 4.7 Kw;
  • Volt: 230/400;
  • Temperature: 50/400 ° C;
  • Weight: 62 Kg;
  • Number of insertable pizzas: 4 with a diameter of 33 cm;
  • Number of insertable pans: 1 with dimensions 60X40 cm.

Resto Italia: professional quality in cooking pizzas

The Resto Italia products help the kitchen professionals to reach the highest quality every day . Since 1961, it has been manufacturing catering machines such as electric and gas pizza ovens, spiral mixers and pizza racks. Products made entirely in Italy with selected and quality materials. Only in this way can you get food and pizzas with gourmet characteristics.

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Electric Oven Start 4 for Pizzaria and Rosticceria

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