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Electric Oven for Cooking Traditional "Pizza in Teglia" Eco 6 Black 230V-400V Made in Italy

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Electric Oven for Cooking Traditional "Pizza in Teglia" Eco 6 Black 230V-400V Made in Italy

"Pizza in teglia": tipical italian passion!

Eco 6 Nero is the ideal electric oven for cooking pizzas in a pan (pizza in teglia). Compared to the Eco 4 Black model, in fact, this oven is larger in length, so as to make two pizzas in the pan. Advantage is not a little, which halves waiting and cooking times. With this oven you can cook:
  • 6 Large pizzas of the classic Neapolitan ones;
  • 2 pizzas in a pan in the Roman style (pizza in teglia);
  • Other pizza formats of your choice .

Electric Oven for Cooking Traditional Pizza in Teglia

Stories of pizza: how was pizza in teglia born?

The pizza pan, a variant of the most classic Neapolitan pizza round, was born in the 90s from an idea of ​​some master pizza makers led by Angelo Iezzi.
The pizza in a pan in Rome invents the concept of high hydration. The mixture is hydrated from 75% to 90% with water to be worked with automatic mixers. Flours absorb water well. The cooking in the electric oven forms accented roundness, a very good crust and a greater height.

electric pizza oven in baking pan

How is this electric pizza oven made?

  • Ecological and sustainable: it saves you on your electricity bill;
  • Stainless steel structure: to resist over time, it is easy to clean and elegant to look at;
  • Cooking chamber in aluminized sheet: guarantees a very high efficiency;
  • Refractory stone cooking top: not to disperse the heat of the oven;
  • Insulation in evaporated rock wool: avoids disperse the cooking heat;
  • Internal lighting: allows you to easily control the cooking of the pizza;
  • Power supply: Volt 230/400;
  • 1 Thermostat + 1 timer: helps you choose the ideal cooking of pizzas.

Technical characteristics of this pizza oven

oven pizza in baking pan
  • Internal dimensions: (A 66) (B 99) (C 14) cm .;
  • External dimensions: (A 94) (B 125) (C 40) cm .;
  • Packaging dimensions: (A 97) (B 133) (C 56) cm .;
  • Number of cooking chambers: 1;
  • Power: 7 Kw;
  • Volt: 230/400;
  • Temperature: 50/400 ° C;
  • Weight: 116 Kg;
  • Number of insertable pizzas: 6 with a diameter of 33 cm;
  • Number of insertable pans: 2 with dimensions 60x40 cm.

Foxchef Essentials: professional quality in cooking pizzas

The Foxchef Essentials products help the kitchen professionals reach the highest quality every day . They are catering machines such as electric and gas pizza ovens, spiral mixers and pizza racks. Products made entirely in Italy with selected and quality materials. Only in this way can you get food and pizzas with gourmet characteristics.

Foxchef Essentials accessories for making pizzas

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