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Electric Kit to Turn On the Fumetto Smoker

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Electric Kit to Turn On the Fumetto Smoker

An easy way to smoke!

Do you think that using a smoker is a professional thing? It's not really like that .
Just choose the right accessories that make smoking easier, such as this ignition kit for the Fumetto smoker, practical for the smoke wood starter.

Are you looking for a Fumetto smoker? You can buy it separately on Foxchef!

Electric Kit to Turn On the Fumetto Smoker

Discover the pleasure of smoking

The smoke is the wonderful breeze that makes our passion inimitable. Be inspired by smoking, one of the oldest techniques used by man to store and cook meat and fish. Fortunately, today we are rediscovering these "lost" tastes.

What is smoking?

Smoking is a food preservation procedure that allows the flavoring, coloring and preservation of food (antimicrobial effect), and the modification of the consistency of foods (for example the modification of protein constituents due to the components present in the smoke) .

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