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Electric Chestnut Roaster Ferraboli Automatic With Battery to Cook Chestnuts in Autumn

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Electric Chestnut Roaster Ferraboli Automatic With Battery to Cook Chestnuts in Autumn

A practical and specific tool for roasting your chestnuts. It's ideal for roasting chestnuts in autumn! You can find out why it's better than the usual microwave oven.

Do you want some chestnuts? Discover the Ferraboli automatic roaster

The warm colors of the trees, the short night, the scarves against the first colds, eating with friends in front of the fireplace, the smell of burned wood. When we think to autumn, all these things come to mind. And chestnuts? There are 2 practical ways to cook them during our favorite season.

Electric Chestnut Roaster Ferraboli Automatic With Battery to Cook Chestnuts in Autumn

1) The professionals choice: let's cook the chestnuts with the electric roaster!

The easiest way is to use an automatic tool such as a practical battery-powered toaster. Very easy. Take the chestnuts, cut and put them in the chestnut electric roaster. Click on, wait a few minutes and they are ready to eat.

2) Cook chestnuts with the microwave

Another practical way to cook chestnuts is to use microwaves. Cut the chestnuts and put them in a bowl. In a second bowl, put some water. Insert both containers in the microwave. Start it at maximum power for about 4-5 minutes. When the chestnuts are cooked, extract and put them to dry in a paper bag for 5 minutes.

Electric toaster VS microwave

The roaster rotates chestnuts. The advantage is that chestnuts are cooked homogeneously.
The microwave, instead, doesn't move chestnuts and , for this reason, it doesn't cook homogeneously.

Do you need some ideas to use Ferraboli chestnut roaster?

  • You can cook chestnuts without wasting time;
  • You can cook chestnuts even outside home;
  • Don't resist to chestnuts!

electric chestnut roaster

Additional information:

  • Dimensions: diameter Ø 19 cm.

The opinion of the Foxchef team

"We recommend the chestnuts roaster because it is a practical product and it has a lot of advantages. First of all, it cooks in a homogeneous way. It does not need electricity to function and it can be used at home. It has little dimension, so you can take it anywhere to eat chestnuts with friends. It is very practical and fun to use: a useful tool to enrich your kitchen and enjoy the best of autumn!"

Cook the chestnuts with the electric roaster

Ferraboli: Italian Barbecue Protagonist

For over 50 years Ferraboli produces in Italy, in Brescia, a wide range of cooking tools. You will cook! In fact, the Ferraboli equipment is robust, practical and easy to use. The design is then Italian and original, inspired by the latest market trends.

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