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Drying in the Kitchen 66 Recipes Tips and Techniques Silvana Editoriale Italian Book

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The Drying in the Kitchen 66 Recipes Tips and Techniques Silvana Editoriale Italian Book

Culinary literature - Book format - Page 212 - 15x21 cm

Leafing through the pages of this book you will find tips and suggestions on the methods, times and tricks of drying, but also many recipes that you can experience directly in your kitchen.

Rediscover the importance of drying

The drying process, a millennial conservation process, is now rediscovered and appreciated even by great chefs: homemade preparations, new and inebriating flavors, unexpected consistencies that renew the table every day.

Thanks to this technique, foods are transformed, keeping intact their nutritional properties: crispy burst with unexpected notes in a dish, reduced to powder give a touch of color and special fragrances.

book Rediscover the importance of drying

Characteristics of the book

  • guide to drying;
  • 66 recipes and 208 pages;
  • entirely in color;
  • introduction and tables for proper drying.

Created in collaboration with outstanding chefs and exceptional food bloggers, it represents the synthesis of the efforts of Tauro Dryers to build a guide that accompanies you and your dryer in the kitchen.

Our opinion

"Very useful for those who approach this type of conservation: well-written book, illustrates the reasons and benefits of food drying and is complete with many tasty and surprising recipes, including how to reuse waste, in short, a book that is good for nature and health, to be kept close at hand Absolutely recommended. " Foxchef team

The Drying in the Kitchen 66 Recipes Tips and Techniques to Store Silvana Editoriale

A small preview ...

Dehydrated fried fruit, apple chips, dried fruit lollipops, strawberry flour ... contemporary cuisine has successfully rediscovered the ancient art of drying - one of the oldest methods invented by man to preserve food - not only for the quality of the product obtained, but also for the imagination that it stimulates in the kitchen.

Thanks to this process in fact - once practiced in wood-fired ovens or in the sun, today entrusted to modern household electric dryers, of great practicality - not only food is preserved in an easy, natural and ecological way, preserving its organoleptic characteristics, but they get extremely versatile ingredients, which lend themselves to games of color, flavor and consistency, particularly appreciated by cooking enthusiasts.

This volume accompanies readers in the practice of modern drying, offering a tasty recipe book of dishes made from dried foods, proposed by experts in the field - among which we remember Lisa Casali, conductor for Gambero Rosso -: basic preparations follow the antipasti , the first, second courses, desserts and "spezzafame".

A chapter collects some special recipes, signed by famous chefs such as Igles Corelli, Piergiorgio Siviero, Tano Simonato. The volume is accompanied by indices and biographies.

Authors: Donatella Simeone, Donatella Bochicchio, Lisa Casali, Elena Dal Forno, Sara Cargnello, Sara De Paoli, Stefania Mulè, Annalisa Massaria, Igles Corelli, Tano Simonato, Piergiorgio Siviero.

Curator: Sara De Paoli.

Year of publication: 2014.

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