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Double Electric Oven for Pizzas Small-G2 Single-Phase 230V 100% Made in Italy by Foxchef Essentials

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Double Electric Oven for Pizzas Small-G2 Single-Phase 230V 100% Made in Italy by Foxchef Essentials

The compact oven for cooking two pizzas at the same time!

The electric oven Small line is ideal for pizzerias and takeaways. Thanks to the two cooking chambers you can cut wait times in half and make pizzas faster and better! Compared to the basic model it is even more efficient, precise and attentive to energy saving.

Watch the video to learn more about the quality of Made in Italy products by Foxchef Essentials.

Double Electric Oven for Pizzas Small-G2 Single-Phase 230V 100% Made in Italy by Resto Italia

Foxchef Advice: the advantage of the oven with two cooking chambers?

Having two cooking chambers has a main advantage: halving waiting times. Then there are other advantages that add up. If you reduce waiting times, you will be able to make more pizzas, increasing the quality of your pizzeria. The cunsomers will be happy and you will come back home more relaxed.
Are not you convinced? This model is also available with a single oven. Look for him on Foxchef!

How is this electric pizza oven made?

  • Stainless steel structure: to resist over time, it is easy to clean and elegant to look at;
  • Cooking chamber in aluminized sheet: guarantees a very high efficiency;
  • Refractory stone cooking top: not to disperse the heat of the oven;
  • Insulation in evaporated rock wool: avoids disperse the cooking heat;
  • Armored resistances;
  • Internal lighting: allows you to easily control the cooking of the pizza;
  • Power supply: Volt 230 (special voltages on request);
  • 1 Thermostat + 1 timer: helps you choose the ideal cooking of pizzas;
  • Single-phase current.

Technical characteristics of this pizza oven

size of the pizza oven resto italia
  • Internal dimensions: (A 41) (B 36) (C 11) cm. X 2 ovens;
  • External dimensions: (A 55) (B 43) (C 43.5) cm .;
  • Packaging dimensions: (A 60) (B 50) (C 46) cm .;
  • Cooking chambers: 2;
  • Power: 3.2 Kw;
  • Volt: 230;
  • Temperature: 0/350 ° C;
  • Weight: 30 Kg;
  • Number of insertable pizzas: 2 with a diameter of 33 cm.

Foxchef Essentials: professional quality in cooking pizzas

The Foxchef Essentials products help the kitchen professionals to reach the highest quality every day. Since 1961, it has been manufacturing catering machines such as electric and gas pizza ovens, spiral mixers and pizza racks. Products made entirely in Italy with selected and quality materials. Only in this way can you get food and pizzas with gourmet characteristics.

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Resto Italia Pizza Ovens Made in Italy

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