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Domestic Dehydrator Biosec Silver B5-S with Stainless Steel Drying Tunnel Tauro Essiccatori

Tauro Essiccatori
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Domestic Dehydrator Biosec Silver B5-S with Stainless Steel Drying Tunnel Tauro Essiccatori

The perfect combination of stainless steel and plastic - 5-basket version

Reduced space and practicality are the fundamental characteristics of the Silver B5-S. Shiny, strong stainless steel gives Biosec Silver a rugged structure and an elegant, professional appearance. The motor is equipped with the Dryset Pro 12-program electronic system with programmable timer and luminous display, to allow constant control of processing temperature and times.

You can feel comfortable: Tauro Essiccatori products are completely designed, created and assembled in Italy. With Biosec Silver B5-S, made by Tauro Essiccatori, everyone can store fruit, vegetables or mushrooms.

Dryer Domestic Biosec Silver B5-S Tauro Drying tunnel drying stainless steel

Technical features:
  • stainless steel drying tunnel;
  • 5 plastic baskets certified for food contact;
  • BPA free and phthalate free plastics;
  • maximum power 550 W;
  • external dimensions 27x27x45 cm;
  • indicative capacity 2/3 kg;
  • 100% Made in Italy.

The package contains:
  • motor with Dryset Pro electronic control;
  • stainless steel drying tunnel;
  • 5 plastic trays;
  • user manual and drying guide.

Dryer Casa Biosec Silver B5-S Tauro Dryer buy online promotion price

Our opinion - Foxchef team
"The B5-S dryer is ideal for those who want to combine aesthetics, practicality and robustness. The price is higher than the standard B5 model, but this is justified becouse the drying tunnel is made of stainless steel. It is supplied with 5 baskets, so it is more compact. The DDryset Pro electronic control engine works well keeping the temperature constant. It has a good design and it is very efficent".

buy price Domestic Dryers line Biosec Silver B5-S Tauro Dryers

Tauro Essiccatori, natural evolution

Founded more than 30 years ago in the heart of the Veneto countryside, Tauro Essiccatori is responsible for creating products for the drying of professional and domestic food completely made in Italy. These are the highest quality tools, made with the utmost attention to every detail, which will allow you to enjoy the produce of the garden all year round even when the season does not allow it.

Drying is convenient: a concentrate of flavor

The drying concentrates aromas, perfumes and colors and maintains the nutritional and organoleptic properties of your food. Keep fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, flowers and everything that goes through your head: from summer to winter, your kitchen will always be full of joy!

Tauro Dryers, systems for drying created thinking about who will use them

Not waste fruits and vegetables in the kitchen!

Fruit or vegetables that you do not use? Surplus in production or purchases? Scraps, peels, leaves and stems to throw away? With Biosec you can say goodbye to waste and turn all the leftovers into healthy and tasty delights to fill your kitchen with color, perfume and health.
Tauro Essiccatori - brand video

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