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Carina Grain Mill for Small Beans with Natural Stone in Granite Salzburg Mills

Mulini di Salisburgo
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Carina Grain Mill for Small Beans with Natural Stone in Granite Salzburg Mills

Carina is the small grain mill to have fresh flour every day!

If you need a small amount of freshly ground flour to make bread, or maybe to make a cake, dumplings or omelettes ... Carina is the perfect choice. The mill Carina will be a real gem in your kitchen, will find anywhere a fixed place and will be a real joy with its beautiful and clear design. The aroma of aromatic bread, delicious cakes and pastries will inspire you.

Carina Macinacereali for Small Beans with Natural Stone in Granite Salzburg Mill

Foxchef recommends you: the grain mill for grinding small grains

This grain mill is suitable for grinding small grains like: wheat, rye, spelled and others.
If you want to grind larger grains like corn, rice, kamut and soy, we recommend other models of more powerful mills for sale on Foxchef.
For example we recommend the Salzburg Mountain Mills MT5 or the Salzburg Mountain Mills MAX.

Regulation from fine grind to coarse grind

Carina also replaces a fioccatrice and easily produces coarsely ground grains for a healthy breakfast with muesli. With the adjustment wheel you can adjust the degree of fineness of the mill , from fine flour to coarsely ground wheat. The fineness can also be changed during grinding.

High quality natural materials from Austria

stone millstone granite natural stone
1 2

1) Austrian beech wood for the structure
The wood is treated externally only with precious oil of organic beeswax. Wood, unlike plastic materials, has an antistatic and antibacterial effect.

2) Natural granite for the millstone
Granite is a pure stone, lasting in time and self-polishing. Each pair of stones is unique. Granite millstones can grind any pebbles in the cereals and thus protect the teeth.

Tested materials
Each mill is patented
(without exceptions) regarding the operation of the grinding. The mill is sold only if the fineness of the flour complies with the strict rules of the workshop.

Watch the video of the Salzburg Mills in the Foxchef Youtube channel

home milling machine video tutorial

Technical data of the Carina grain mill:

  • Body of the mill: hard and solid beech wood (excluding the grindstone door);
  • Macina: natural granite;
  • Industrial motor: 300 W / 230 Volt / 50 Hz;
  • Fine grinding amount (flour): about 90 g per minute (slowness is a quality feature for mills with a natural stone mill);
  • Coarse grinding quantity: from 100 g / min up to 250 g / min;
  • Loading capacity of the funnel: about 600 gr;
  • Grinding degree adjustment: with continuous adjustment variator;
  • Diameter of the mill: 75 mm;
  • Surface treatment of the structure: biological beeswax;
  • Number of revolutions: 1300 / min;
  • Dimensions height: 340 mm;
  • Width: 155 mm;
  • Weight: 6.5 Kg

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