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Artisan Italian Copper Cauldron with Bow Handle to Cook Polenta and Cheese

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Artisan Italian Copper Cauldron with Bow Handle to Cook Polenta and Cheese

Rediscover the tradition of cauldrons for polenta and cheese!

These pots are traditionally beaten on a 2 mm thick copper plate for long life and high performance.

How to use a copper cauldron?

Whether for a family party, for your farm, or for the village fair, these copper pots are products that make the difference.
Here are some examples to understand how you can use the copper cauldrons you find on Foxchef:


  • Cooking of traditional polenta: it rediscovers the taste of making the original homemade polenta;
  • Cheese production: thanks to copper it will remain unaltered;
  • Distillation products: artisan distillates made as they once were;
  • Production of tomato preserves: to cook many handmade preserves.

You can choose the size of your copper pot for different occasions for more or less large quantities.

Artisan Cauldron in Copper with Bow Handle to Make Italian Polenta and Cheese

Available capacities of copper pots

Choose the capacity of your copper cauldron according to your needs:
  • 30 liters: Top diameter 48 cm, Bottom diameter 33 cm, Height 30 cm.

How to choose the right cauldron?

Consider that to make the polenta you have to put about 4 liters of water for every kilo of flour. If you then use more raw flours (for example buckwheat) you have to put more water because they absorb more. In general, therefore, 500 grams of flour are enough for 4 people.

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Why is copper important for the cauldrons?

Copper has a very high and uniform heat transfer capacity. The food then cooks in the best way. Here are the main advantages of copper:
  • High heat transmission: copper distributes heat faster;
  • Uniform heat transmission: copper distributes heat better than other materials;
  • Increased cooking speed: in this way the food cooks faster in every part;
  • Unaltered nutritional properties: the homogeneous cooking favors the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics:
  • No burns: food does not stick to the bottom of the cauldron;
  • Traditions in the kitchen: copper has always been the favorite material of traditional country and mountain cuisine.

IMPORTANT: naturally, to obtain the best results, it is not sufficient that the pan is made of copper, but its thickness is also very important. The quality of cooking and heat treatments on food depends on the "Thermal Value" of the thickness of the slab.
The thickness of these copper cauldrons is 2 millimeters.

Foxchef Advice: How to use the cauldron to make cheese?

Using the copper cauldron to make traditional Italian polenta is easy and fun! Read the recipe for 4 people below:

  1. Pour 2 liters of water into the copper pot: when the water starts to boil add a little salt;
  2. Put 500 grams of flour a little at a time: mix with a wooden spoon or with a typical stone stick;
  3. Keep the fire high: and keep stirring;
  4. Put some olive oil: continue to mizz until it boils again;
  5. Lower the fire: and keep cooking for another 50 minutes, stirring occasionally;
  6. Polenta is ready to eat!

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