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AM3 Professional Grain Mill for Bakery and Restaurant Salzburg Mills

Mulini di Salisburgo
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AM3 Professional Grain Mill for Bakery and Restaurant Salzburg Mills

AM3 is the most powerful grain mill by Salzburg Mills!

Cereal mills by profession?
Put your passion in it using the professional AM3 mill. Designed for activities such as bakeries and bakery, it is well suited to the demands of productivity required in the workplace. Despite its large dimensions, this powerful mill is easy and very safe to use: it can be used with just one hand!

Quality of the flour obtained
The quality of the flour is reached by the number of turns of the stone: only 650 rpm. The fine / coarse adjustment and the variation of the flour flow also allow a high flexibility of use. flour would not be of quality without solid machinery and made with quality materials!

AM3 Professional Grain Mill for Bakery and Restaurant Salzburg Mills

Foxchef recommends you: let's see some evaluations from professionals

"Fully satisfied" and "more than satisfied" and "better you can not" . This is what the managers of bakeries, hotels kitchens, hospital kitchens, and farmhouses say. Especially praise the large amount of very fine flour that can be grind. This is a milestone that only Salzburg Mills can achieve with 30 years of experience in the field of home cooking to professional.

professional mills for bakery bakery

Regulation from fine grind to coarse grind

With the adjustment wheel you can adjust the degree of fineness of the mill , from fine flour to coarsely ground wheat. The fineness can also be changed during grinding.

High quality natural materials from Austria

macinacereali with natural stone grindstone
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1) Solid beech and maple wood for the structure
The wood is treated externally only with precious oil of organic beeswax, no linseed oil paint, no artificial varnish. Wood, unlike plastic materials, has an antistatic and antibacterial effect. The body of our mills is made of solid beech wood.

2) Artificial ceramic and corundum grinder
To guarantee industrial production, this mill has an artificial ceramic and corundum grinder that guarantees very high strength and durability. The mills of Salzburg have a long life and have been working for over 30 years, in Austria and in the world, without breakages, repairs or necessary services.

Tested materials
Each mill is patented
(without exceptions) regarding the operation of the grinding. The mill is sold only if the fineness of the flour complies with the strict rules of the workshop.

Watch the video of the Salzburg Mills in the Foxchef Youtube channel

youutube video tutorial to grind home grains

Technical data of the AM3 grain mill:

  • Grinding chamber: solid beech and maple wood (guaranteed without bisphenol);
  • Surface treatment of the structure: biological beeswax;
  • Grain mill: ceramic and corundum;
  • Engine power: 1,5 Kw;
  • Power supply: 400 Volt-50 Hz;
  • Turns in grinding: 650 rpm.
  • Fine grinding amount (flour): about 50 - 60 kilos per hour (slowness is a quality feature for mills with a natural stone mill);
  • Coarse grinding quantity: about 70 - 80 kilos per hour;
  • Hopper loading capacity: 40 kg;
  • Grinding degree adjustment: with continuous adjustment variator;
  • Diameter of the mill: 220 mm;
  • Support width: 550x550 mm;
  • Weight: 65 Kg

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