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9701 N De Luxe Silver Vacuum Professional Machine 32cm Reber to Remove Air from Food Containers

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9701 N De Luxe Silver Vacuum Professional Machine 32cm Reber to Remove Air from Food Containers

Professional accessories for creative cooking

Vacuum is the natural technique that helps you keep food in your home longer: it is safe, economical and sustainable. Let's see the reasons:
  • Safe: the Reber machine is designed to remove air from bags and containers in a safe and professional manner;
  • Economical: the Reber machine is designed with an innovative energy saving system that saves you up to 40%;
  • Sustainable: the Reber machine is designed to help you change your lifestyle and remove waste in the kitchen.

To facilitate your job, this appliance is completely automatic (read below) and is sold with 20 bags ready to use .

9701 N De Luxe Silver Vacuum Professional Machine 32cm Reber to Remove Air from Food Containers


Our opinion: the professional vacuum

"Reber De Luxe is an high level vacuum machine. We recommend it especially for families and people who are passionate about cooking, who need compactness and professionalism. This machine is small size, to occupy little space. It has greater power than the Salvaspesa Reber line machines of the same size. It can be used from beginning with maximum power, thanks to the attachment for containers and 20 bags included in the price."

Reber patented energy saving vacuum system

This Reber appliance is equipped with the new Reber energy saving system.

The system is designed for:
  • Adapt to environmental conditions;
  • Give you the perfect vacuum;
  • Save up to 40% on your electric bill.

Reber's advice: how to eat sustainable?

  1. Lifestyle: live better and love your parents and friends;
  2. Green food: eat healthy, play sports, live happier;
  3. Zero waste: love your planet and consume only the necessary;
  4. Love nature: have fun watching how the vacuum works;
  5. Green energy: save on the use of electricity energy.

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How is the De Luxe Reber vacuum machine made?

  • Professional vacuum gauge;
  • 32 cm sealing bar: to seal bags with a width of maximum 30 cm;
  • Automatic function: with switch to manual function whenever you want;
  • Solenoid valve: for the automatic opening of the cover;
  • Programmable power: you can decide the welding power;
  • Air intake: to attach containers more easily;
  • Guaranteed savings: save on your electricity bill with the patented Reber system;
  • 20 bags included: by purchasing this machine you will receive 20 bags 20x30 cm. (type 6722 A);
  • Attack for containers: by purchasing this machine you will receive the attack 6727 A.

Technical specifications 9701 N De Luxe Vacuum Machine by Reber 

  • Color: silver;
  • Dimensions: 43.5x15x5x11 cm;
  • Weight: 3.50 kg;
  • Maximum level of vacuum; -830 mbar;
  • Intake capacity: 18 liters / minute;
  • Sealing bar (maximum bag width): 32 cm;
  • Maximum power consumption: 180 Watt.

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Eat sustainable with Reber!

Reber accessories are designed to help you eat more sustainable. Adapt your uses and your lifestyle to a healthier and cleaner life. With Reber it's even easier!

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