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9501 N Semiprofessional Meat Grinder 500 W With Electric Motor n.12 Reber to Grind Meat of the Butcher's Shop

Code: 9501 N
Brands: Reber
€ 376,61
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9501 N Semiprofessional Meat Grinder 500 W With Electric Motor n.12 Reber to Grind Meat of the Butcher's Shop

The taste of eating high quality meat

There is meat and meat. In our opinion the meat of the butcher's shop have the highest quality. Here then is a very useful tool to use minced meat for delicious recipes.
In this way you save on the cost of butcher's processing, maintaining a very high quality!

The Reber 9501 N meat mincer has a plate with mm 6 to grind the meat. Plates with holes of different measures are available on request: mm 4.5 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 20. Funnels for sausages and bagging crowns are also available (to keep the propeller in position while making sausages).

By purchasing this meat grinder, you will also receive 2 convenient bagging funnels.
  • Continuous electric induction motor 500 W;
  • IPX5 protection class;
  • Axial reduction gear with metal gears in oil bath;
  • The oil used is "Long Life" and is ideal for accidental contact with food; it doesn't need topping up or replacement;
  • Body, propeller and ring nut in tin-plated cast iron for food use;
  • Plate and self-sharpening knife as standard in hardened steel;
  • Stainless steel fairing;
  • Output speed: 108 g / min;
  • 2 bagging funnels included in the price.

9501 N Meat Grinder 500 W Semiprofessional With Electric Motor n.12 to Grind Meat of the Butcher's shop

Foxchef's team opinion: top quality meat

"We recommend this semi-professional meat grinder if you are passionate about cooking and meat. You can create customized recipes for friends and family, with the quality and ability of a true local butcher."

Advantages of this Reber mincer

  • Electric grinding: you can grind meat more easily;
  • Resistent structure: the materials are cast iron and stainless steel;
  • Easy cleaning: you can easily clean every part of the meat grinder;
  • Quality meat: you can use selected and high quality meat.

Technical features of 9501 N meat mincer Reber

  • Effective power: 500 W;
  • Dimensions: cm. 47,5x23x32 (h);
  • Weight: 13 Kg;
  • Production: 50 - 90 kg / h;
  • Hole plate: 6 mm.

shop meat mincer made in italy

Ideal tools for multiple uses

All Reber mincers can used for other functions simply adding:
  • Tomato squeezer for tomato sauce and jams;
  • Grater for grating bread and cheese.

rever shop of meat grinder to grind high quality meat

Reber, professionals in the kitchen for over 50 years

All Reber products are designed and built thinking of those who want to offer excellent quality products. The equipment is reliable and easy to use, to guarantee you every day the best of flavor and genuineness.

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