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9342 NR Salvaspesa Vacuum Machine Red 32cm Reber to Save Money and Food at Home

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9342 NR Salvaspesa Vacuum Machine Red 32cm Reber to Save Money and Food at Home

A practical object to storage food at home

No more waste of food, electricity and containers. The red Salvaspesa Reber machine is the ideal object for any kitchen. How does it work? Remove air from containers and bags to extend the life of your food up to almost 5 times. The nice thing, however, is that it does it automatically it decides the power parameters based on the external environment. It is also suitable for Reber vacuum bags with a maximum width of 32 centimeters (this article includes 20 bags).

9342 NR Salvaspesa Vacuum Machine Red 32cm Reber to Save Money and Food at Home

Why are Reber vacuum machines better than others?

Reber machines are designed for the kitchen of every home and have many advantages. Let's see them together:
  • Vacuum technique: the vacuum storage is safe and 100% natural;
  • Quality of food: the nutritive and organoleptic qualities of your food remain unaltered;
  • Food maintenance: with Reber you can store food for a much longer time;
  • Zero waste!: you no longer have to throw your food in the trash;
  • Smells and molds: the vacuum system helps you to preserve fruits and vegetables in the fridge;
  • Energy saving: in addition, the Reber system makes you pay less on your electricity bill.

The opinion of Foxchef crew: a brilliant and all natural system!

"Do you usually throw your house food in the trash? Change! We recommend you this Reber machine because it is undoubtedly better than other Entry Level products. No doubt: it allows you to vacuum-pack in less time. It signals the level of completion with the LED. It has an innovative patented energy saving system and it is completely automated: you just have to put your food in the container and wait."

Patented energy saving vacuum system by Reber

This Reber vacuum machine is equipped with the new Reber energy saving system.
The system is designed to adapt to environmental conditions:
  • Room's temperature;
  • External temperatures;
  • Electric voltage;
  • Temperature of the sealing bar;
  • Voltage's variations.

In this way the Reber machine always guarantees a perfect vacuum of the bags.

The vacuum is uniform, you need less bags and have an energy saving on the electric bill up to 40%.

vacuum machine to conserve food fruit vegetables

How is the vacuum saver machine made?

  • LED light: to see the vacuum level in the bag;
  • Sealing bar: 32 cm maximum width of the vacuum bag;
  • Automatic operation: you can switch to manual operation whenever you want;
  • Less time: it works continuously without making you wait for the bag to cool down;
  • Opening lid: open the lid with the manual valve;
  • Programmable power: you can decide the welding power;
  • Air slipstream: attach the bag to the vacuum system with simplicity;
  • Energy saving: save on your bill with the patented Reber system;
  • 20 bags included: by purchasing this machine you will also receive 20 bags 20x30 cm. (type 6722 A).

Technical specifications of 9342 NR Vacuum Sealer Reber

  • Color: red (you can find the same machine with different colors in Foxchef);
  • Dimensions: 38x16.5x11 cm;
  • Weight: 3.25 kilograms;
  • Maximum level of vacuum: -830 mbar;
  • Intake capacity: 18 liters / minute;
  • Sealing bar (maximum bag width): 32 cm;
  • Maximum power consumption: 180 Watt.

Customer questions: "Why should I use the Reber vacuum machine?"

"If you think about it, the vacuum is a technique that comes from our grandparents and our mothers. How many times do you have seen making tomato preserves in boiling water in glass jars? The technique is the same, the difference is that with Reber the process is very more practical. You don't have to cook anything. It helps you to eat in a second moment what it is remained. In short, the vacuum machine is sustainable."

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Choose Reber, give a second life to your food

All Reber appliances are designed to adapt to the needs of modern cuisine. Energy saving, maximum efficiency, resistant materials, ease of use and cleaning. If life changes, even the kitchen becomes more modern.

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