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9208 N Electric Kneading Machine 400W Reber Ideal for Home Use

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9208 N Electric Kneading Machine 400W Reber Ideal for Home Use

Knead easily with Reber Made in Italy accessories!

The 9208 N mixer is the smallest of the italian company Reber. For power and size it is well suited for small families, or for singles passionate cooking. Under its stainless steel casing, however, there is a performance electric motor that will give you the possibility of recreating the most particular recipes.

No more waste of time: the 9208 N automatic kneading machine will help you make the dough for homemade pizzas, pasta, fast and easy dishes. All Reber mixers are made in Italy with the best quality materials, to ensure strength and durability. In addition, if you break a few pieces, such as container and lid, you can replace them with products certified by Reber.

9208 N Mixer With Electric Motor 400W Reber for Kneading of Homemade Food

Why have a Reber electric kneader?

Having a Reber machine means:
  • Speed ​​up the creation of doughs for your recipes;
  • Prepare foods in a more practical and comfortable way;
  • Don't make more effort to knead;
  • Make food for parties, lunches and dinners with friends.

Foxchef ideas: what can you do with a kneading machine?

You can use these Reber machines to make pasta for:
  • Pasta and pasta dishes;
  • Homemade bread;
  • Homemade pizza;
  • Cakes for your family.

Reber: Made in Italy electric kneaders!

The 9208 N Reber kneader has the following professional features:
  • Continuous-duty electronic induction motor;
  • Axial gear reducer in nylon 6.6;
  • The oil used is of the "Long Life" type and is ideal for contact with food: it does not need topping up or replacement;
  • Support of the aluminum alloy mixer;
  • Conical reduction torque in steel;
  • Kneading shaft in AISI 316 stainless steel;
  • Pot container and lid in high resistance food plastic;
  • Removable elements for easy cleaning (dishwasher safe);
  • Safety switch to prevent operation when the lid is open.

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Foxchef advice: making pizza dough with italian ricotta and milk

The pizza made with dough based on italian ricotta and milk is very fresh and delicate. Perfect for the summer, it has a really refreshing and genuine taste. Let's see what are the ingredients you can select to make the dough with your electric mixer by Reber:
  • 25 g of yeast;
  • 500 g of warm water;
  • 1 kg of 00 flour;
  • 120 g of milk (to be added at the beginning);
  • 100 g of italian ricotta (to be added to mixed dough);
  • 10 g of salt.

Technical characteristics 9208 N Reber kneader

  • Effective power: 400 W;
  • Dimensions: 47x25x30(h) cm;
  • Production: 1.6 kg of dough in 3-4 min.

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Reber, for kitchen professionals for more than 50 years

Reber is the best friend of professionals of traditional home cooking. It helps you with modern solutions designed to facilitate your work and always give you tasty food creations. The Reber team is always at the forefront in the design of technology for the kitchen, strictly 100% Made in Italy, and with the highest quality materials.

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