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9050 N Electric Semiprofessional Pasta Press 500W Reber

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9050 N Electric Semiprofessional Pasta Press 500W Reber

All the types of pasta you want: just choose!

Are you a lover of homemade pasta? With this electric press you can make the pasta you want, with selected ingredients, of your favorite shape. The press works electronically: everything is automatic with electricity.

These Reber machines are all made in Italy with the best materials such as aluminium, to ensure strength and durability.

9050 N Electric Semiprofessional Pasta Press 500W Reber for Home Kitchen Professional

Advantages of having an electric press for pasta

The main advantages are:
  • Possibility of having many types of pasta, including your favorite pasta;
  • Making homemade pasta as italian traditional type;
  • Preparation of food for parties, lunches and dinners in italian style.

What forms of pasta can you make?

With this press you can receive 12 molds included to make particular italian shapes of pasta:
  1. Spaghetti;
  2. Bucatini;
  3. Noodles;
  4. Macaroni;
  5. Pappardelle;
  6. Pasta alla chitarra;
  7. Passatelli.

electric press types of pasta shapes

Reber: Made in Italy automatic presses!

This Reber press has the following professional features:
  • Continuous-duty electronic induction motor;
  • Forward / reverse gear switch (UL / CSA version with forward gear only);
  • IPX5 protection class;
  • Axial reduction gear with metal gears in oil bath;
  • The oil used is of the "Long Life" type and is ideal for contact with food: it does not need topping up or replacement;
  • Food aluminum body;
  • Propeller and dies in high resistance acetal resin for food use;
  • Included 12 dies for spaghetti, bucatini, tagliatelle, macaroni, pappardelle, pasta alla chitarra, passatelli.

where to buy automatic electric reber press for pasta

Foxchef advice: flavoring fresh egg pasta

Not just traditional fresh egg pasta. There are many creative ways to give color to the pasta, giving different and characteristic flavors. Because cooking must first of all be experimentation and fun. Let's look at some examples of colored pasta:
  • Red pasta: it is obtained with tomato paste, or hot pepper, or tomatoes;
  • Green pasta: it is obtained by adding spinach, or aromatic herbs, or broccoli;
  • Purple pasta: with beets;
  • Brown pasta: with mushrooms, or with tasty cocoa;
  • Blue pasta: very special. It is obtained with Curaçao liqueur;
  • Yellow pasta: you can make it with pumpkin, or saffron;
  • Orange pasta: for carrot lovers;
  • Black pasta: decidedly elegant and good, with squid ink.

Technical features 9050 N Reber pasta press

  • Effective power: 500 W;
  • Dimensions: 42x25x24 (h) cm;
  • Production: 1.2 / 1.5 kg of dough in 10 min.

reber discount press for pasta

Reber, for kitchen professionals for more than 50 years

Reber is the best friend of professionals of traditional home cooking. It helps you with modern solutions designed to facilitate your work and always give you tasty food creations. The Reber team is always at the forefront in the design of technology for the kitchen, strictly 100% Made in Italy, and with the highest quality materials.

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