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9008 N Electronic Tomatoes Squeezer n.3 Reber Motor 400 W for Homemade Tomato Sauce Preserves

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9008 N Electronic Tomatoes Squeezer n.3 Reber Motor 400 W for Homemade Tomato Sauce Preserves

The 9008 N Reber No. 3 electronic tomatoes squeezer is smaller than the other Reber models. In fact it has a power of 400W with a capacity of 70-140 Kg/h. For this reason we recommend it for those who want to prepare little quantities of tomato sauce. It's perfect to organize a homemade pantry and to prepare a good parmigiana with aubergines.

You can use the 9008 N Reber n.3 tomatoes squeezer to do:
  • Homemade tomato sauce preserves;
  • Jams and fruit preserves of all kinds.

Our opinion - Foxchef team: the little tomatoes squeezer

"The 9008 N tomatoes electronic squeezer is the smallest of the Reber models, but don't be surprised. Under that steel structure hides a very powerful motor. A motor with 400W: it means that you can work 70-140 kg of food per hour. This little Reber tomatoes squeezer is recommended for families and for those who like to prepare good dishes, with simplicity, without renouncing the quality of the Made in Italy tradition."

Materials for contact with food

  • Stainless steel: filter cone, drip tray, splash guard and funnel (large capacity) are entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Plastic material: cooling fan, fan cover and sealed switch-condenser box made of plastic material;
  • Cast iron: cast iron body treated for food used with epoxy powders cooked in an oven at 300 °C;
  • Acetal resin: acetal resin propeller suitable for food contact and anti-friction;
  • Nylon 6.6: axial reduction gear with metal gears in oil bath.

Technical characteristics of Reber 9008 N n.3 tomato squeezer

  • Effective power: 400W;
  • Dimensions of the machine: cm. 50X28X34 (h);
  • Weight: 8,8 Kg;
  • Production: 70/140 Kg / h;
  • Filter cone (holes): 1.5 mm approx.;
  • Protection class: IPX5 (allows easy cleaning without the risk of damaging the electronics of the machine).

9008 N Electronic Tomatoes Squeezer n.3 Reber Motor 400 W for Homemade Tomato Sauce Preserves

The italian parmigiana prepared with simplicity

Here is the typical Italian Parmigiana that can be prepared with the Reber tomatoes squeezer.
The preserve is the same to the manual type. The only difference is that it is even easier to make.

What do the numbers N.3 or N.5 mean for tomato squeezers?

Reber squeezers are available in 2 types:
  • N.3 is the number that indicates the 400 W motors (smaller);
  • N.5 is the number that indicates the 500-600 and 1200 W motors (bigger).

What else can you do with the Reber 9008 N tomato squeezer?

This squeezer is a multi-purpose tool foor kitchen.
Buy the additional kit on Foxchef to transform your squeezer into:
  • Meat grinder;
  • Pasta press;
  • Grater;
  • Mixer.

Reber electronic tomato squeezer for Homemade Fresh Tomato Sauce Preserves

Choose Reber, experts in the kitchen

All Reber products are designed and built thinking of those who want to offer excellent quality products. The equipment is reliable and easy to use, to guarantee you every day the best of flavor and genuineness.

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