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9004 N Electric Tomato Squeezer n.5 Reber 500 W Motor for Tomato Sauce or Jams

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9004 N Electric Tomato Squeezer n.5 Reber 500 W Motor for Tomato Sauce or Jams

The Reber tomato squeezer n.5, with it has a continuous service induction motor of 500W (0.40 hp), it is able to realize in the best way the tomato puree. Besides this, it can also manage other important processes such as jams and fruit juices. The hourly production is 150 ~ 340 Kg/h, while the protection class is IPX5 (therefore it allows a thorough cleaning without the risk of damaging the electronics of the machine).

Our opinion - Foxchef team
"At first sight it's clear how much this design is typical of professional machines, without too many frills. This product that is practical and solid. All the parts in contact with foodstuffs are in AISI 304 stainless steel, except for the internal propeller made of anti-friction acetyl resin (suitable for food contact) Furthermore, the motor of the tomato squeezer is protected from possible splashes or blows, and for this reason the cleaning is easier. The quality of construction is Made in Italy. This tool is able to satisfy all needs, we recommended for both demanding (hobbyists and professionals)."

Materials, the parts in contact with food are made of steel

  • Cone filter, drip tray, splash guard and funnel (of great capacity) are entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Cooling fan, fan cover and sealed switch-condenser box made of plastic material;
  • Cast iron body treated for food use with epoxy powders cooked in an oven at 300 ° C;
  • Propeller in acetal resin suitable for contact with food and anti-friction;
  • Steel and nylon towing pin 6.6.

Technical characteristics 9004 N tomato squeezer n. 5 Reber

  • Effective power: 500W;
  • Dimensions: 64x43.5x36 cm (h);
  • Weight: 14.18 Kg;
  • Production: 150 ~ 340 Kg / h.

tomato reber kitchen tools tomato sauce price

Foxchef tips - Can I make hot and cold sauce?

"The sauce can be done either hot or cold, usually hot, that is by first blanching the tomatoes, which ensures a faster result because the tomato is softened and the machine is easier to remove the skin from the food From the pulp, even when cold, the result is positive because the machine has enough power to proceed.At the most, you can make a second passage of the skins, adding a little 'sauce just passed.

This squeezer is a multi-purpose tool, in fact it can become (by purchasing the appropriate kits sold separately):
  • Meat grinder;
  • Pasta press;
  • Grater;
  • Mixer.

Reber squeezed tomato price

Reber, professionals in the kitchen

All Reber products are designed and built thinking of those who want to offer excellent quality products. The equipment is reliable and easy to use, to guarantee to you every day the best of flavor and genuineness.

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