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8501 N Manual Tomato Squeezer n. 5 P.L.P. Reber to Squeez Tomatoes and Fruit for Puree and Homemade Juices

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8501 N Manual Tomato Squeezer n. 5 P.L.P. Reber to Squeez Tomatoes and Fruit for Puree and Homemade Juices

Do you want to eat gorgeous italian pasta with a homemade sauce? Reber meets tradition with the new manual squeezers to make homemade preserves and juices. 100% Made in Italy, resistant cast iron structure, easy to clean elements, clamp to fix it where you want. The Reber manual squeezer offers you the guarantee of healthy and sustainable eating 100% Km0!

You can use this Made in Italy tomato manual squeezer to do:
  • Italian tomato sauce ;
  • Seasonal fruit jam;
  • 100% natural fruit juice.

And if you want to prepare homemade juice and fruite jams with easily? You can try a Reber electric tomato squeezer. Buy them separately on Foxchef.

8501 N Manual Tomato Squeezer n. 5 P.L.P. Reber to Squeez Tomatoes and Fruit for Puree and Homemade Juices

Our opinion - Foxchef team: sustainable italian tomato sauce

"Reber meets sustainable cooking and helps you use tomatoes from your home garden to make healthy and good sauces.The Reber manual squeezer is a small italian jewel for your kitchen.You can easily fix it, thanks to the attack below in cast iron. The removable elements are made of plastic and easy to wash. The filter cone is made of stainless steel, interchangeable and available separately with different holes."

Materials: resistant structure easy to use

  • Cast iron: cast iron body treated for food use with epoxy powders cooked in an oven at 300 °C;
  • Acetal resin: plastic propeller for anti-friction food;
  • Plastic for food: funnel and drainer easy to clean;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel: long-life filter cone.

Technical characteristics 8501 N manual tomato squeezers n.5 p.l.p. Reber

  • Dimensions of the machine: cm. 35X55,5X48 (h) cm;
  • Weight: 4.3 Kg;
  • Filter cone (holes): 1.5 mm approx.;
  • Clamp excursion: 35 mm.

tomato squeezer to make italian sustainable souce

Plastic or stainless steel? Discover the two variants

As you read in the technical information, this Reber manual squeezer has some plastic components. The funnel and drainer are made of red plastic for food. They are very easy to wash and lightweight. However, if you want a more resistant tomato squeezer, we recommend purchasing a model with stainless steel components. They are the same, but have funnel and drip made of stainless steel. Find them on Foxchef.

Reber squeezer for tomatoes from the home garden

Reber, professionals in the kitchen

All Reber products are designed and built thinking of those who want to offer excellent quality products. The equipment is reliable and easy to use, to guarantee you every day the best of flavor and genuineness.

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