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220 AE Homemade Ham Slicer With 220 mm Blade and Removable Reber Sharpener

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220 AE Homemade Ham Slicer With 220 mm Blade and Removable Reber Sharpener

Reber slicers: a high quality product!

The 220 AE Reber model is a professional type of home slicer. In fact, it has the characteristics and quality of machinery used by professionals, with smaller sizes to adapt to the needs of your home. Why choose it? Because it is a high quality product, Made in Italy, designed with special attention to safety.

Practical cold cuts to eat: at the picnic or in summer

Making sandwiches or cutting slices of prosciutto and other cured meats has never been so simple.
The Reber slicers help your creativity at home!

220 AE Homemade Ham Slicer With 220 mm Blade and Removable Reber Sharpener for Making Ham Slices

What are the advantages of having a slicer at home?

  1. Practicality: it is very convenient to have a slicer at home to prepare quick dishes or ham sandwiches for every occasion;
  2. Guaranteed savings: cutting slices is simple and if you buy a whole ham to cut at home save on the butcher;
  3. Better safety: Reber slicers are designed with systems like a protection blade and microswitch that greatly increase safety. However, we recommend to take care during use and keep children away.
  4. Materials of the highest quality: Reber slicers are made of stainless steel. They live a lot longer and are easy to clean!

A domestic slicer with professional features!

Reber home appliances to make ground have the following characteristics.
  • Polished and anodised aluminum structure;
  • Induction motor with belt drive;
  • Tempered stainless steel blade for perfect cuts;
  • Pre-sisal aluminum with stainless steel pins;
  • Aluminum protection blade for better protection;
  • Professional fixing of the blade guard with assembly / disassembly to improve cleaning;
  • Safety microswitch for better security;
  • Trolley with high smoothness performance;
  • Exclusive use of non-self-tapping screws;
  • Thickness adjustment from 0 to 15 mm to cut slices of different sizes;
  • Sharpener in aluminum and steel to keep the blade always sharp.

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Foxchef rips: cooked ham and melon!

In summer there is less desire to cook: so here is a very fresh, light and quick dish. Do you have the melon? Good. Take your italian cooked ham, pass it on the slicer and choose the thickness of the slices. You can choose thicknesses from 0 to 15 mm. Put everything together and it's ready to eat with your family!

Why choose a Reber accessory for mincing meat?

  • Automated technology: you can grind meat effortlessly by pressing a button;
  • Durable structure: the structure is made of cast iron and stainless steel;
  • Easy maintenance: you can easily clean any part of the machine;
  • Selected meat: you can personally choose the meat for your recipes.

Technical features 220 AE slicer by Reber

  • Sharpener: mobile;
  • Dimensions: cm. 37x48x35 (h);
  • Weight: 11.6 Kg;
  • Motor power: 160 W;
  • Maximum cut of the slices: cm. 18,5x15;
  • Parapet safety microswitch: yes.

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Reber, kitchen professionals for over 50 years

All Reber products are designed to offer a unique experience in the kitchen. Are you a DIY kitchen lover? Reber products will help you create your recipes to impress your friends and family!

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