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10050 N Professional Electric Grater 260W n.3 Reber in Aluminum for Domestic Use

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10050 N Professional Electric Grater 260W n.3 Reber in Aluminum for Domestic Use

Electric grater - Reber professional products for the kitchen!

10050 is a beautiful professional grater by Reber, designed specifically to adapt to the elegant style of your kitchen. The aluminum and stainless steel will amaze you, while the design will involve you as for the best accessories made in Italy. But it has not only external beauty. Below this electric grater there is a power of 260 W destined to a single function: grating cheese, bread and other ingredients for your best recipes.

If you like this design but you want more power you can also choose the model 10052 N Reber (available separately on Windowo).

What are the advantages of this Reber product for the kitchen

  • Sophisticated design: it is beautiful to see and decorates your kitchen;
  • Operating speed: it grates cheese and other foods very quickly;
  • Automatic system: you don't have to use manual force to scratch..

What can be grated with Reber electric machines?

The Reber automatic graters can be used for grating:
  • Hard cheese;
  • Semi-hard cheese;
  • Bread;
  • Chocolate;
  • Dried fruits.

10050 N Small Professional Grater 260W n.3 Reber in Aluminum for Domestic Kitchen

Reber: automatic grinders Made in Italy!

This Reber grater has the following professional features:
  • Continuous service induction motor;
  • Aluminum grating body;
  • Motor body in aluminum;
  • Motor cover in stainless steel;
  • Protection microswitch on the lever;
  • Rotation speed 1400 g / minute.

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Foxchef advice: functionality combined with aesthetics in your home

"We recommend this device because it was designed by Reber to combine beautiful design with automatic functionality. 10050 N Reber is definitely the ideal choice for those who want to give a stylish touch to its kitchen, keeping it as high performance features. Reber is the Italian company synonymous with quality accessories for the kitchen."

Technical features 10050 N Reber grating

  • Effective power: 260 W;
  • Roller dimensions: diameter 55x100 mm;
  • Dimensions: 18x29x27 (h) mm;
  • Weight: 8.5 kg;
  • Capacity: 25 kg / h.

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Reber, italian kitchen professionals for over 50 years

All Reber products are designed to offer a unique experience in your kitchen. Have you a strong passion for handmade food? Reber products will help you to create your best recipes!

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