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10024 N Professional Automatic Meat Grinder Machine 2000 W n.22 Reber to Turn to Mince

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10024 N Professional Automatic Meat Grinder Machine 2000 W n.22 Reber to Turn to Mince

When the minced meat is never too much!

Reber 10024 N is an automatic meat grinder model for professionals who need to produce a lot of minced meat. For a farm, a restaurant, a butcher shop or simply because you like cooking. This Made in Italy product has highest quality and it is recommended on many cooking blogs.

Why do they recommend Reber to grind?

Reber machines are made with the best materials. They are durable and you can change broken pieces with guaranteed ones by Reber.

As you can see from the picture, Reber's grinder is also designed with an aesthetic point of view, with a modern and innovative design. They are beautiful and efficient to ensure maximum performance when you need minced meat!

The Reber 10024 N meat mincer has a plate with 8 mm holes for mincing the meat. Plates with different holes dimensions are available on request mm 4.5 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 20.

10024 N Professional Automatic Meat Grinder 2000 W n.22 Reber for Meat Farm Butchery

A professional meat mincer with very high performances:

​10024 N Reber is suitable for professionals. Read its features:
  • Electric continuous induction motor 2000W;
  • 380V three-phase version available on request;
  • Oil mixed gear reducer (helical and axial gears) in steel;
  • The oil used is "Long Life" and is suitable for accidental contact with food; it does not need topping up or replacement;
  • Stainless steel fairing;
  • Output speed: 100 g / min .;
  • Professional safety switch only forwards;
  • Plate and knife in stainless steel as standard;
  • Gearmotor size cm. 50x26.5 h.31.

reber minced meat machine for professionists restaurants farms

This automatic meat grinder is used in many italian farms:

Reber helps many Italian farms every day to produce quality food at Km0. It is a used by many small and medium territorial producters that believe in sustainability and healthy eating. And our Foxchef team fully share this philosophy!

Why choose the 10024 N Reber meat grinder?

  • Powerful electric motor: if you are a meat professional you need to work a lot: here is 2000W for you;
  • Design and resistant structure: it looks good and the structure is made of stainless steel and cast iron;
  • Maximum cleaning: you can disassemble it to clean even the most hidden parts;
  • Quality products: Reber is synonymous with quality even when choosing your meat.

Technical features 10024 N meat grinder Reber

  • Effective power: 2000 W;
  • Dimensions: cm. 62,5x26,5x38 (h);
  • Weight: 30,8 Kg;
  • Production: 70 - 160 kg / h;
  • Hole plate: 8 mm.

buy professional grinder for butchery farm

Discover Reber, kitchen professionals for over 50 years

From today you can stop buying expensive processed foods. All Reber products are designed to offer a unique experience in the kitchen.

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