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0-32 Brix Optical Refractometer to Measure Sugar in Wine Grapes

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0-32 Brix Optical Refractometer to Measure Sugar in Wine Grapes

The accessory to understand when to harvest the grapes

  • Make harvest at the right time: the refractometer helps you choose when to harvest;
  • Collect fruit when it is ripe: collect the fruit at the perfect moment;
  • Choose the alcohol content of the wine: select in advance the alcohol content for your wine.

Refractometers are the ideal solution for farms and family activities related to the countryside.
This electronic instrument is ideal for musts, wines, beverages, fruit juices, ice creams, lubricants and emulsifying oils.

Why to know how much sugar there is in the must?

With a sugar measuring refractometer you can understand when to harvest grapes and fruit . Also you can predict the alcohol level after fermentation. In this way you reduce to zero the errors during the harvest and the harvest of the fruit, and also during the production of the wine. It is a scientific system that works 100%.

Refractometer  to measure sugar in grape wine

What is the refraction of light to measure sugar?

The refraction of light is a phenomenon that happens every day under our eyes. You will have noticed that, by dipping a spoon in a glass of water, this seems to be cut. In fact, the water refracts the rays of light deviating them: it is the optical effect of the refraction! The more we add sugar to the water, the more light rays are diverted. All this is measured with the refractometer.

How does the wine refractometer work?

  1. Put a drop of grapes or fruit that you want to measure;
  2. Look in the refractometer turning it towards the light;
  3. Read the sugar level of the product.

where to buy wine refractometer

Measure the sugar content using the BRIX grade

BRIX is the percentage of sugar expressed as a percentage. It is named after Adolf Ferdinand Brix, a famous 19th-century German metematic.

Features of the 0-32 Brix optical refractometer

  • Scale: 0-32% Brix,
  • ATC Automatic temperature compensation;
  • Resolution: 0.1%;
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2%.

This series can measure temperatures other than 20 ° C without recalibrating due to temperature changes in the field.

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